5 Wild Swimming Spots You Should Try

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There is something about being in the water that is generally very soothing for humans. Maybe it’s the fact that we can feel so comfortable out of our own element that makes it so exciting. Whatever the reason, we almost always find it impossible to say no to a nice inviting pool of water. Now imagine that inviting pool of water is situated in a cave somewhere, or in the middle of a jungle…maybe even at the bottom of a waterfall? These are the reasons why people enjoy wild swimming so much!

Wild swimming? What’s that, you ask?

Remember a while back when we featured some of the most breathtaking and unbelievable infinity pools in Kenya? Well, swimming in one of these pools, despite the fact that they might be in the wild and right next to herds of elephants and gazelles do not constitute wild swimming.

Wild swimming calls for taking a dip in any natural body of water. We are talking:

  • Lakes.
  • Ponds.
  • Oceans.
  • Rivers.

Swimming in any water body that is not man-made is considered wild swimming. Nature is by far the most creative of architects and if you took the time to find the best wild swimming spots around the globe, you will come across some of the most iconic, enchanting and unbelievable locations straight out of the silver screen.

Some of the Most Breathtaking Wild Swimming Spots Around the Globe

There is no way we could create an exhaustive list in just one article. It’s not just because there are so many wonderful natural water bodies on the planet (71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, after all) but also because we are sure there are some places we haven’t heard of yet that could probably blow these ones out of the water (pun intended) in terms of beauty and serenity.

That being said, the places listed below are quite picturesque in their own right:

1. Plunge into the Turquoise Blue Pools of Ngare Ndare

Up until just a few years ago, Ngare Ndare (Maa for “goat’s water”) was a hidden gem in Northern Kenya. This serene forest lies between two counties (Meru and Laikipia) and it borders two conservancies (Borana and Lewa). It’s as if this place was purposefully put here to provide all those who visit with infinite exploratory options.

There are several attractions that make Ngare Ndare a must-visit location for all those who are lucky enough to hear about it:

  • It has a canopy walk that takes you above and through the expanding canopy cover formed by gigantic indigenous trees.
  • It’s home to elephants and a host of other wildlife that you will most likely get to see on your visit.

While those are wonderful attractions and plenty of reasons to visit, they are not why Ngare Ndare made it to this list. That honour is reserved for the seven wild pools within the forest. Yes, seven!

The Ngare Ndare river has created a series of waterfalls and pools along its path as it meanders on its way through the forest. The biggest of which is a turquoise coloured pool fed by a gentle waterfall dropping from a welcoming cliff from where visitors can jump into the soothing waters below. You have to see it to believe it’s beauty!

2. The Lagoon of Seven Colours in Mexico

Lagoon of Seven Colours

There is a place called Bacalar, a small town in Southern Mexico, with a lagoon that changes colour. If you are brave enough to swim to the middle of the lake in this Yucatan peninsula, you will have a chance to see its waters change colour with depth from an attractive pastel blue to a shimmering sapphire. When you are not trying to figure out all the different colours of the lake, you can enjoy the various attractions offered by the gorgeous Bacalar town.

3. Explore Exotic Cave Pools in Bonito, Brazil

“Bonito” directly translates to beautiful in Portuguese and that is exactly what this place is in Brazil. A small, ecotourism hub in the Mato Grosso do Sul state of southern Brazil, Bonito is what nature was meant to look like unspoiled. The region has a network of deep blue rivers teeming with exotic fish and an array of waterfalls and pools in which you can swim. There are also a variety of caves, many of which have their own underground pools that take wild swimming to a whole new level.

Note: As a bonus, you will get to see wild macaws perched in the greenery above the waterfalls as you swim underneath.

4. Cliff Dive at the Cenotes, Mexico

Cenotes, Mexico

Image credit: Boris. G on Flickr

Just so you get a sense of how beautiful this place is, it played host to the Red Bull Cliff Diving world series in 2014. Yeah, the Cenotes is no joke!

Cenotes, Mexico

Image Credit: Boris.G on Flickr

Created when the porous limestone overhead collapsed, the cave Cenotes has a series of entrances that lead to a secretive underworld full of ancient pools. Swimming here will take you back in time and introduce you to a watery world where everything hangs in refreshing serenity. You will get to swim in wild pools with tree branches and vines dangling overhead as the sun struggles to peep through the myriad of sunken entrances. Absolutely enchanting.

5. Drop into The Green Plunge in Samoa

The is no doubt that Samoa is a beautiful country. Located in the South Pacific, this island nation not only brings world-class rugby players but it also offers you some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever lay eyes on. On the Island of Opolu, near the sea, lies a tiny pool known as the Green Plunge. This is because it is surrounded by lush green trees and the 30m drop leads you into a pool that, to the naked eye, looks green in colour.

Green Plunge in Samoa

Image Credit: David Kirkland

These are just some of the most beautiful wild swimming spots from around the globe. The thing about these kinds of places is that they seldom make it to huge lists of national attractions. In many cases, you will find that only the locals know about them.

Do you know of an impossibly beautiful wild swimming spot in your country? Share the information with us in the comment section below.

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