5 Unbelievable Infinity Pools in Kenya

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury

Every time they set off to travel the world, most gallivanters hope for one thing! They hope to: see, find, experience, taste or feel something so spectacular that it completely changes their worldview. For the most part, they get this wish. The problem with the other missing part is not that they did not travel to the right location (although this is definitely a contributing factor) it is that they travelled to the same old destinations.

Yes! We all have places we like to go to; places that simply speak to the little kid who is forever residing in every single one of us. We all have a travel destination we call home. But what good is travelling to the same old places while there is an entire planet full of wonders out there just waiting for you to see and explore it? What good is narrowing your focus to the same old things while you could expand your horizons beyond optical belief?

Lodges with Infinity pools that strain credulity

Speaking of expanding your horizons beyond optical belief, there are infinity pools in this world that simply defy all logical sense. Yes! They are that beautiful.

Take for example the infinity pool at Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania where you get to swim in warm sunny weather as herds of wildebeests, elephants, zebras and giraffes, among other magnificent creatures of the African jungle, graze and quench their thirst within touching distance. Talk about an out of body experience!

Or maybe you want to go to the other side of the globe and swim in the infinity pool at the Anantara Golden Triangle which sits pretty at the international crossroads where the borders of three nations (Thailand, Laos and Myanmar) converge. Imagine actually looking out at three different countries as you sunbathe.

The whole idea of infinity pools is that they should blur the lines between what is man-made and what is natural. Very few places can do that as excellently as it is done right here in the middle of Magical Kenya.

Sarara Luxury Tented Camp Lodge

Well hidden in the Northern frontier of Kenya is the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy. With an area of 850,000 acres of nothing but pristine Samburu wilderness, the Savannah plains have never seemed so lush, so peaceful and so breathtakingly beautiful as they do when viewed from the Sarara Luxury Tented Camp Lodge vantage point. From elephants, wild dogs, kudus, reticulated giraffes and even leopards, the conservancy has it all. The tented camp offers you something sweet and gorgeous in the midst of all that harsh and primal eutopia. The infinity pool gives you views that no camera can possibly do justice. You simply have to see it to believe it.

Saruni Safari Lodge, Samburu

Saruni Safari Lodge in Samburu truly is one of a kind. As the only luxury, eco-chic lodge in over 200,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness that is the Kalama Conservancy, this lodge has more to offer you than just good food, spectacular game drives and enjoyable insights into the Samburu culture. The infinity pool at the lodge gives you an expansive and stupendous view of the conservancy itself and a distant Mt.Kenya in the background. What’s more, the Villas offer you uninterrupted views of the landscape around you. Imagine being able to look out into forever as you soak yourself one of their bathtubs at the end of a long game drive?

Sleeping Warrior Lodge, Elementaita

Even the name inspires awe! Located at the heart of the Soysambu Conservancy in Elementaita, The Sleeping Warrior Lodge is so named because it is sheltered in the lee of a vast volcano that, if viewed from the right angle (which is almost every angle) the slopes look like a warrior sleeping in the middle of the plains. With 20,000 acres of primal beauty, the Soysambu Conservancy is new to tourists as it only opened its gates in 2008. The Sleeping Warrior Lodge, by far one of the most spectacular lodges within this pristine paradise, offers you excellent views of this virgin land both on your way to the lodge and from the stunning infinity pool.

Elsa’s Kopje

A member of the Elewana Collection (a group of 15 boutique camps, lodges and hotels in East Africa renowned for their unique accommodations in iconic locations) Elsa’s Kopje is arguably the jewel of Meru National Park. Sculpted into Mughwango Hill, this unashamedly romantic lodge sits above the site of George Adamson’s camp where he raised, nursed and released orphan lions into the conservation. True to its reputation, the infinity pool at Elsa’s Kopje is nothing short of world-class. Offering you sweeping views of the rugged Meru National Park below, taking a swim in this pool will require a mastery of all your nerves. But once you get in, you may simply refuse to come out.

Elsa’s Kopje also offers you a private pool in one of their beautiful villas (Private House) that overlooks the opposite side of the hill.

Ole Sereni, Nairobi

There are two things you will have achieved when you visit Ole Sereni: you will be staying at the only city hotel by a game park and you will be staying right next to the only game park within city limits…in the world. Nairobi National Park is a game park among game parks. Home to almost every species of wildlife that Kenya has to offer and only 10 minutes from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, this national park defines the term ‘unique’ in every sense. The infinity pool at Ole Sereni gives you a bird’s eye view of this ‘one of a kind park’ as it serves up a panoramic outlook of this gorgeous urban wilderness.

These five incredible infinity pools are not only easily accessible to both local and international tourists, but they are the one thing that will give you what every gallivanter wants: an experience, a sight or a feeling that completely changes your view of this little slice of East African paradise.


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