The 25 Most Amazing Restaurants In All Of Kenya

As long as you are eating out, you might as well do it in a fancy restaurant that offers good service and even better food. There is no shortage of such restaurants in Kenya. They are literally all over the place. But as much as there are plenty of good restaurants around, it takes a discerning eye and a particular taste for the good life to find the best. Here are the 25 most amazing restaurants in all of Kenya, just for your dining pleasure.

1. Artcaffe Karen

Artcaffe                              Photo Source: Artcaffe

Known for it’s alfresco street cafe style, the Artcaffe Karen is a lovely, two level restaurant that offers freshly roasted coffee, the famous artbakery, a cocktail bar and tranquil, outdoor seating. This is where you go when you want an easy, carefree kind of setting, coupled with good food and even better coffee. It is located in the bustling Karen shopping center. Visit: Artcaffe

2. Le Palanca

Le Palanca                                Photo Source: Le Palanca

Located at 909, James Gichuru Rd, this new restaurant is like no other within the city of Nairobi. They say that it was inspired by a rare Angolan antelope called ‘Palanka Negra’. And to live up to its inspiration, Le Palanka offers a truly unique dining experience. The menu is completely different, featuring a fusion of Afro-Caribbean cuisine that will light up your taste buds. Visit: Le Palanca

3. Lucca, Villa Rosa Kempinski

SetWidth1500-LUCCA                               Photo Source:

The Villa Rosa Kempinski in Westlands, Nairobi is fairly new, but boy has it garnered popularity. Lucca is just one of the main attractions at this wonderful establishment. With freshly baked Italian bread and cuisines that will send your pallet on a trip around the world, this tranquil restaurant is the perfect place to bring friends and family. You are advised to make a reservation. Visit: Lucca Restaurant

4. About Thyme

About Thyme                             Photo Source:

Located on Eldama Ravine Rd, in Westlands, About Thyme has become famous over the years for the serene, leafy setting it offers and the eclectic menu it has. Here you can find dishes from all over the world. The best part is that they are expertly prepared and presented to you. You can even find vegetarian dishes. But the one place that About Thyme excels in, is the desert menu. This is why people come here. Visit: About Thyme

5. Fogo Gaucho

249572_209722339067992_3072344_n                            Photo Source: Fogo Gaucho

There is really no mentioning of restaurants in Nairobi without mentioning ‘Fogo Gaucho’. This is a legendary Brazilian steak house on Waiyaki Way. Located at Viking Hse, Fogo Gaucho has it all. From expertly prepared Brazilian style steak and salads to a fully stocked wine bar and even live music on Friday and Sunday. If you are looking for a wonderful South Brazilian experience, come to Fogo Gaucho – bring friends or family. Visit: Fogo Gaucho

6. Yuls Restaurant


This is a local favourite. Located along Malindi road in Mombasa, Yuls is known for their Hot Stone 400°C hot where you can cook your meat or seafood the way you want it. Here you will find some of the best seafood dishes from grilled Lobsters and Prawns. It’s a beautiful place to wine and dine, as you enjoy their seafood platter for two on the terrace with the scenic view of the ocean. The prices are also very pocket friendly. Visit: Yuls Restaurant

7. Seven Seafood & Grill

Seven Seafood                                 Photo Source: Seven Seafood and Grill

Seven is without a doubt one of Nairobi’s finest dining destinations. Located at ABC Place on Waiyaki Way, Seven offers the best and freshest Indian Ocean Seafood in the city. It also has the best choice cuts when it comes to meat and the dessert menu is borderline criminal. Visit: Seven Seafood and Grill

8. Moorings Floating Restaurant

The Moorings

Photo Source: The Moorings

This is the oldest restaurant in the North Coast of Mombasa. It is where you go when you want fish, prawns, crab and fish. The beautiful restaurant floats on the Mtwapa Creek and gives the patrons an amazing waterfront setting, view and some of the best sunsets you will ever see. Visit: The Moorings

9. La Marina Restaurant

La Marina2                                 Photo Source: La Marina Restaurant

Very few restaurants come close to giving you the kind of sunsets you can get from settings that overlook a creek. La Marina is up there with the best of them. Just Off Msa-Malindi Rd, in Mtwapa, here you will find fresh seafood, vegetarian and even oriental dishes. The view is to die for and the bar is fully stocked. It is the perfect place to bring a date you are looking to impress. Visit: La Marina Restaurant

10. Il Covo, Bamburi, Mombasa

IL Covo                           Photo Source: Il Covo

Il Covo, Bamburi, is two floors of absolute elegance and delectable genius. The lower verandah opens up to the white sandy Bamburi beach while the two balconies on the upper deck give you the perfect view into the Indian Ocean. Fresh sushi, authentic Italian Pizza, and an amazing selection of seafood makes this place the go to destination when visiting Bamburi. Visit: Il Covo

11. Tamarind Dhow

Tamarind Mombasa

As a brand, Tamarind is absolutely outstanding. The Tamarind Dhow in Tudor Creek, Nyali should be their flagship restaurant. As the name suggests, the restaurant is modelled after a dhow. This gives you the perfect opportunity to dine like Captain Jack Sparrow would on the high seas. Delectable seafood and a wonderful ambiance complete the look. Visit: Tamarind Dhow

12. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant

This list would be incomplete without Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant. Set in a natural coral cave with an open skylight, Ali Barbour’s will mystify as much as impress anyone who dines here. Fresh seafood, a wonderful vegetarian menu, beef, venison and poultry are all on offer at this deliciously unique restaurant in Mombasa’s South Coast. Visit: Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant

13. Boston Cafe, Victoria Comfort Inn


Photo Source: Victoria Comfort Inn

Wonderfully decorated, this simple cafe has a great deal to offer those who visit Paul Mbuya Rd, Kisumu City. From international cuisine, to a cool atmosphere in an otherwise sweltering city, Boston Cafe has something for everyone. Visit: Victoria Comfort Inn

14. The Duke of Breeze

Photo Source: The Duke

This is a rather popular tourist destination in Kisumu city. The sports bar and rooftop restaurant and bar facilities at this hotel gives you the opportunity to enjoy local and international cuisine while you watch the sun as it sets over Kisumu City. Visit: The Duke of Breeze

15. Haandi, Kisumu

haandi                             Photo Source: Eat Out Kenya

The Haandi brand has become synonymous with Indian food in Kenya. Be it in Nairobi, Mombasa or Kisumu, when you see the beautiful Haandi pot logo, you know that you will get great Indian cuisine in a beautiful setting. That is exactly what you get at Haandi, Kisumu. Visit: Haandi

16. Victoria Terrace, Imperial Hotel

Duncan willetts

Photo Source: Imperia Hotel

This quiet little restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy some of the best African cuisine. It also has a fully stocked bar and a swimming pool that completes the laid back look. Visit: Victoria Terrace

17. Tilapia Beach

Tilapia Beach restaurant

Photo Source:

If you are going to dine in Kisumu, then you might as well do it by the Lake. This is what Tilapia Beach offers its patrons, a view of Lake Victoria like none other. That and an amazingly prepared tilapia dish that can only be authentic ‘dala'(Luo for home) made. Visit: Tilapia Beach

18. Talisman Restaurant

Tallisman                                    Photo Source: Talisman Restaurant

The locals and tourists will tell you that Talisman is one of the best Nairobi has to offer, and with good reason. The setting is relaxed and if you prefer dinning outside, they have an outdoorsy setting with scenic patio and a beautiful lush garden. Their local seafood dishes are delicious and they are known for their famous burger which is loaded with many falouful ingredient. Located in a serene area, Karen Mega City shopping mall, on Ngong road, you can hardly do better than Talisman. Visit: Talisman

19. The Carnivore Restaurant 


The Carnivore restaurant is one of the favourite restaurants (for both locals and tourists) in Kenya. Located on Langata Road, near Wilson Airport in Nairobi, the restaurant is really an ideal dining place for all true loves of meat in Kenya. It is famous for its flame-kissed variety of meat including crocodile, camel and ostrich roasted over charcoal, sliced and served at your table. If you want to experience authentic Kenyan Barbecued meat, you should visit this restaurant and let the smokey ‘wow’ fill your mouth. The best part is, they roast the meat as you watch. Visit: Carnivore Restaurant

20. Merica Hotel Restaurant

Merica restaurant

Photo Source: Merica Hotel

This is a wonderful restaurant that specializes in African cuisine. The waiters are well trained and very fast with the orders. The pool side setting is very laid back and serene. One of the best places in Nakuru for any visitor to grab a bite. Visit: Merica Hotel Restaurant

21. Guava Restaurant

Guava restaurant and pizzeria, Nakuru

Photo Source:

This is one of the few restaurants in Nakuru that serve you freshly cooked food. Which means that your order will take about an hour to arrive, but it is absolutely worth the wait. The menu is mostly African cuisine and the food is very fresh and tastefully cooked. Being in the middle of town, you will have a wonderful view of Nakuru while your order is prepared.

22. Restaurant at Carnelly’s

7279607928_5eb55da72c_z                  Photo Source: Martin Callum on Flickr

One of the best restaurants Naivasha has to offer. The setting is unique, in that they observe an eco-friendly theme. The wait staff is very professional, their food is amazingly delicious and the service is impeccable. You are, however, advised to try it during the week because they get very busy on weekends.

23. The Club House Cafe

Club House

When it comes to throwing an elaborate dinner party in Naivasha, no one does it better than the Club House Cafe. Guests are highly advised to make a reservation first. You are also advised to book a room on the grounds for you will not want to leave early. They have a wonderful menu that is deliciously African. They also import most of their wines from African countries.

24. The Pontoon

The Pontoon                            Photo Source: The Pontoon

When you visit Mombasa, dine at the Pontoon in Nyali. It is a stylish and classy restaurant known for its continental dishes including seafood, pork chops, Molo lamb and beaf steak. Located off the beach, it offers a scenic view of the ocean. The restaurant is surrounded by a swimming pool, shady trees and lush gardens. This is a beautiful outdoor restaurant that claims to have the best seafood at this side of Kenya. The ambiance is lovely, the prices are just right and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Visit: The Pontoon

25. The Smith Bar and Restaurant

40917_137664406277442_1959977_n                               Photo Source: The Smith Bar and Restaurant

This wonderful little place is just 10 minutes from Ongata Rongai, on your way to Kiserian in Kajiado County. The setting will remind you of a coastal restaurant, with the poolside terrace constantly breezy and relaxed. The food is very good. Mostly African but you can find a bit of European as well. The prices are very pocket friendly and the ambiance is just perfect, especially in the early evening. Visit: The Smith Hotel

Kenya has a great many more restaurants. If you are adventurous at heart, then simply get into your car and drive until you see an establishment that appeals to you. You can be assured that the experience will be one you won’t soon forget.

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  1. I aim to tick all of these off within the next year…

  2. This list should NOT be called “amazing restaurants”
    More like “mostly average” restaurants.
    Where is Tatu? Thai Chi? Mandhari?
    Have you seriously eaten at Merica? Even the cutlery is old. Amazing? Never.

  3. No Indian restaurants on your top 25 I see?? Have a look at Trip Advisor… Nairobi has fantastic restaurants and only a handful of your top 25 make my top 50

  4. One that you missed that should have been the flag ship restaurant – Heimingways !!! in Karen.

  5. I’ve been to Carnivore and the game meat buffet was awesome. I would highly recommend Carnivore for game lovers.

  6. Great…am in love with the Le Moorings and La Marina

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