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Aviation Accident Benefit

A cash benefit will be payable in the event of the death of the ticketholder, caused by an aviation accident, during a flight purchased online from Travelstart.  Injuries or disabilities resulting from an aviation accident are not covered.

The following cash benefits will apply:

  • US$150,000-00 per ticketholder, aged 12 years and older
  • US$1,000-00 per ticketholder, under the age of 12 years 

What does this Policy cost?

  • US$11.00 (Age 12 and over)
  • US$3.00 (Under age 12)


A service fee of 3$ (Age 12 and over) and 1$ (Under age 12) respectively will be added to the premiums shown above to determine the amount charged.

Amount Charged

The total amount charged is in Naira on the Travelstart website and therefore there may be price differences due to changes in exchange rates.

The single premium is journey, not flight-dependent. This means that a single journey which involves more than one independent flight (i.e. separated by a landing and take-off) will require the payment of only one single premium.

More details

  • What is an aviation accident?
  • Who are the underwriters?
  • Under what circumstances is the benefit payable?
  • Who is covered?
  • Who receives the benefit?
  • What happens if the flight is cancelled?
  • What’s excluded from the policy?

Read the Aviation Accident Benefit Terms & Conditions.

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