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Rebookable Flights

Looking to book tickets but worried about how a possible change in plans might affect your flight dates? Perhaps you’ve found a cheap flight for your best friend’s wedding but she hasn’t been able to confirm the venue yet. You want to secure the cheapest fares but you’re worried about how much it’s going to cost you should the big day be moved to another ‘big day’.

Enter Rebookable Flight Tickets from Travelstart – the answer to your flight booking woes.

Upgrading to a rebookable flight allows you to make 1 FREE date change to your booking, subject to same fare class availability and gives you the ability to enjoy greater freedom should something unforeseen happen.

How to change your flights for free

  • When you’re filling out the booking form, please select Rebookable Flight.
  • This exclusive Travelstart product MUST be purchased at time of booking creation and payment.
  • Once you have received your e-ticket and need to change your dates, please contact us to receive your FREE date change, subject to same fare class availability.

Domestic flight bookings

  • For just KES 1725 per passenger, you’ll be entitled to 1 FREE date change on any domestic flight booking. This 1 FREE date change applies to all sectors in your booking.
  • Infants can take advantage of this service at no extra cost.

International flights

  • Now available on most international flight bookings, the cost is USD 80.00 per passenger and USD 8.00 for infants.


  • Please note that this is subject to same fare class availability and taxes
  • Should there be no seats available in the same fare class of your original booking or there has been an increase in taxes, you will be required to pay in the difference between the fare classes only and/or difference in taxes
  • You can change your travel to any date within the validity of your ticket (can vary between 1 month - 1 year)
  • All changes must be done PRIOR to original departure date on the ticket
  • Rebookable ticket does not cover a change of airline

Remember, if you do not select the rebookable flight upgrade you cannot change your ticket for free.


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