Top 10 Destinations To Discover Stunning Sand Dunes

Sand dunes are possibly the most invigorating and exciting creations that Mother Nature has to offer! The tiresome task of riding them, the stunning scenery and their beauty, makes it hard to believe that dunes are merely formed from sand built by either wind or water flow.

If you have never had the opportunity to see or ride sand dunes before, visit one of our top 10 destinations to discover stunning sand dunes:

1. Sossusvlei, Namibia

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Namibia is home to some of the largest sand dunes in the world. The country is rich in culture, awe-inspiring landscapes, home to the world’s last rhinos and some of the highest dunes in the world. Sossusvlei is probably the most spectacular and iconic attraction in Namibia, it’s a white, salt and clay pan and it overlooks the surreal landscape of Dead Vlei giving you a picturesque view of the plains below. Sossusvlei is located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park of Namibia, in the southern part of the Namib Desert. It is a beautiful place to visit, you will get an opportunity to explore Sossusvlei and its attractions including Dune 45, Sesriem Canyon and Hiddenvlei. Visit: Sossusvlei Namibia

2. The Great Dune of Pyla, France


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The Great Dune of Pyla, located just 60km from Bordeaux in France, is one of the most amazing landscapes in Europe. The Great Dune of Pyla is around 107m tall making it the highest dune in Europe. The climb to the summit is worth the effort as you get to enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean coast, the inlet of the Arcachon Bay and the large pine forest. The Dune of Pilat is a great destination and we think it is definitely worth a visit.

3. Oman Wahiba Sands

Oman Wahiba Sands

Photo by Andries Oudshoornon 

When it comes to dune bashing, the Arab Peninsular naturally comes to mind. Oman is an Arab state located on the south-east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. There’s no way to enjoy Oman than going for a desert safari and enjoying the dune bashing at Oman Wahiba Sands. Admire the majestic appearance of the dunes and the wonderful colours that change throughout the day and get involved in some serious thumping through the sands.

4. Medanos de Coro National Park, Venezuela

Medanos de Coro National Park

Photo Source: Sofiatejeda blog

Whenever one thinks of Venezuela, we think of the Angel Waterfalls, The Amazon and Caracas, but the small town of Coro is home to Medanos de Coro National Park and it is one of the most impressive attractions in Venezuela as one would never imagine sand dunes in the tropics. The dunes are constantly transformed by the unrelenting winds, making it an impressive tourist attraction worth checking out.

5. Dunes of Erg Chebbi, Morocco

Erg Chebbi

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Morocco is a beautiful country full of lovely attractions to offer, among them being the Dunes of Erg Chebbi. The vast stretches of sand dunes, an oasis encircled with palm trees and for the adventure seekers, the chance to get buried neck-deep in the hot sands of the desert. Enjoy some dune boarding, or get to climb the summit and glide across the surface of the Sahara Desert.

6. Death Valley, California

Death Valley, California

Death Valley located in California is home to lovely dunes. The Eureka Dunes in the Eureka Valley are a breath of fresh air in this scorching valley. Get to climb the summit of the dunes, though not as easy as many other dunes, the view on the top is worth every minute of it. Be sure to explore this lovely new attraction at Death Valley National Park.

7. Badain Jaran Desert, China


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China is home to one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. The booming dunes of the Badain Jaran desert also known as the singing sands, makes a surprising amount of noise that is unimaginable. Explore the highest stationary dunes in the world and the little oasis of lakes surrounding it, making it a haven of beautiful sights worth capturing.

8. Libyan Desert, Libya

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The Libyan Desert is part of the Sahara Desert and home to the three Sand Seas; the Great Sand Sea, Calanishio Sand Sea and Rebiana Sand Sea that contain sand dunes up to 512 meters in height. The thousands of square miles of pristine undulated sand dunes, discover the hidden secrets and treasures while enjoying the adventures that comes with sand dunes.

9. The Medanos de Samalayuca, Mexico


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Discover the city of Chihuahua inMexico and explore the amazing sand dunes located in this city. The Medanos de Samalayuca dunes is an ocean of sand, which stretches over 1000 square miles are quite impressive. Enjoy the silence, stillness and nothingness that Mother Nature has to offer when you reach the summit of the Medanos de Samalayuca Sand Dunes.

10. The Rub’ al’ Khali

Rub' al' Khali Desert

Photo by Stefanoabdou | Source: Panoramio

The Rub’ al’ Khali, the great desert of the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the largest deserts in the world. The giant dunes towering over 800 feet high are an amazing attraction that will definitely take your breath away. Explore the undulating dunes and swirling sands that dominate this desert.

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