10 Best Pizza Restaurants in Nairobi

Nairobians love to have pizza, which would explain the many dining establishments that sell pizza in Nairobi. For convenience, most of these restaurants offer delivery services so you get to enjoy pizza in the comfort of your home or office. Here are 10 best pizza restaurants in Nairobi:

1. 360 Degrees Artisan Pizza

360 degrees pizza

Photo Source: 360degreespizza.com

360 Degrees Artisan Pizza is located on Waiyaki way at ABC Place. This establishment gets its name from the fact that the pizzas are cooked in wood burning ovens at over 360 degrees Celsius. The handmade crust is medium sized and crisp with fresh natural ingredients for toppings. There is a variety even for vegetarians and guests can choose from a selection of starters, pasta and desserts in addition to the pizza. The ambiance makes dining at 360 Degrees such a delight, but you can opt to enjoy the delicious Neapolitan Pizza from home if you live in parts of Westlands, Lower Kabete Road, Waiyaki Way, Riverside Drive, Valley Arcade or Spring Valley.

Website: 360degreespizza.com | Location: ABC Place, Waiyaki Way

2. Que Pasa Bar & Bistro

Que Pasa

Photo Source: Que Pasa

Que Pasa is a dainty Bar and Bistro in Karen Shopping Centre that offers some of the best Pizzas in Nairobi. The Pizzas have thin crusts and are tasteful and the pizza menu is extensive. You will get most of the popular Pizza types at Que Pasa, with a wide range of others including smoked salmon, German sausage, Mexicano and even kids pizzas. The pizzas are simply amazing, the place is cosy and there is a decent selection of other foods to choose from the continental menu as well.

Website: quepasa.co.ke | Location: Karen Shopping Centre, Karen, Nairobi

3. Mambo Italia

Mambo Italia Pizza

Mambo Italia is an Italian Restaurant in Nairobi’s Lavington and it is famed for delectable pizzas and pastas. The ambiance is great and the pizzas are incredible, with the options including sea food toppings. The pizzas are delicious, tasty and crisp and they are some of the best in Nairobi. 

Website: Mambo-italia.com| Location: Lavington Curve, James Gichuru Rd., Nairobi

4. Flame Tree Restaurant


Photo Source: Sarovahotels.com

Flame Tree Restaurant is located in Nairobi’s Sarova Panafric Hotel and it offers a wide range of delicious meals in addition to amazing pizzas. The choice of pizzas is decent and the pizzas are full of flavour. Service is excellent and you get to interact with chefs at the cooking stations.

Website: Sarovahotels.com/panafric/flameTree.aspx| Location: Sarova Panafric, Kenyatta Ave, Nairobi

5. Osteria del Chianti

Osteria Pizza

Photo Source: Osteria on Facebook

Osteria’s specialty is Italian food, which could be part of the reason why the pizzas there are so good. There are a number of different kinds of pizzas to choose from and they are all made delicious to a fault. Osteria on Lenana road in Kilimani is really good and there is Osteria Karen and Osteria Gigiri as well. They offer delivery to various parts of Nairobi so you get to enjoy the pizza in the comfort of your home.

Website: Osteriadelchianti.com | Location: Lenana Rd, Nairobi City, Kenya

6. Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza

Photo Source: Eatout.co.ke

Domino’s is famous for its delicious pizzas; the restaurant is a trendsetter in pizza making. The dining establishment is noted for some of the best treats using delicious ingredients and unique recipes. Domino’s Kenya recently introduced the pan pizza, a notable specialty which has tasty ingredients and delicious toppings. Whether you are longing for chicken barbecue or pepperoni pizza, you will always find that Domino’s will satisfy your craving.

Website: Dominos.co.ke | Location: Limuru Road / Woodvale Grove Westlands, Nairobi

7. Debonairs

debonairs pizza

Photo Source: Debonairs on Facebook

Debonairs is a popular pizza restaurant and has also been recognised as one of the best in Kenya. The dining establishment serves pizzas that are enticing and tasty. Kenyans have never gotten enough of their finger-linking pizza varieties and toppings. Debonairs pizzas are amazingly authentic, chewy and palatable.

Website: Debonairs.co.ke | Location: Muindi Mbingu St, Nairobi, Kenya

8. Pizza Inn


Pizza Inn is probably one of the most popular Pizza joints in Nairobi. It has many branches all around Nairobi and you only need to find one near you for a walk in, or call to place an order. The selection of Pizzas is pretty decent, with a variety of chicken, beef and vegetarian pizzas on offer. The Hawaiian, Barbecue Steak and Peri- Peri Chicken pizzas in particular are very popular. Pizza pies, barbecue wings and subs are also available and the menu is available online.

Pizza Inn is renowned for the Terrific Tuesday offer where customers get two Pizzas for the price of one. While it is a good deal, the quality of Pizzas is sometimes below par considering the throngs that flock the joints on Tuesdays. You can still get value for money especially if you go to a joint that’s not crowded, or better still, buy during other days of the week.

 Website: dialadeliverykenya.co.ke 

9. Sundeck Pizzeria and Grill


Photo Source: Hapakenya.com

Sundeck Pizzeria and Grill is one of the food joints at Nairobi Safari Club, on the junction of University Way and Koinange Street. The pizza menu at Sundeck is extensive and the prices are affordable. The selection of Pizzas at Sundeck is different from most joints and so you get to enjoy beef, chicken or vegetarian pizzas with a delightful twist. Some like the crunchy and delicious Calzone Chicken Curry pizza have the dough stretched to cover the toppings. The blend of fresh ingredients makes for a delightful meal served in a cool and relaxed atmosphere.

Location: Lillian Towers, University Way, CBD, Nairobi

10. Naked Pizza

Naked Pizza
Naked Pizza is the place to go if you’re thinking about your health but still want to indulge. Pizzas at Naked pizza are made from natural ingredients, with the crust being made from a blend of 10 grains and without additives like sugar or citric acid in the sauces. The Pizzas are made delicious and affordable with the superbiotic and Mediterranean pizzas being especially popular. Naked Pizza beats a couple of other joints by offering fast delivery and excellent service. Oh, and if you hear someone talking about getting Naked* on social media, they probably have Naked Pizza in mind. Check out the Naked Pizza joint in Fedha Plaza on Mpaka road, Westlands, or on Mombasa road at Parkside Towers.

Website: Nakedpizza.co.ke | Location: Westlands, Nairobi

Let us know of any other joints in Nairobi that have excellent pizza in the comments section below:

Our Readers Comments

  1. Ankara food restaurant has one of the best pizza in Nairobi CBD

    • I fully concur Misky. I was wondering why it’s not on the list. Best pizza in town!

  2. Good job you guys. Fantastic blog

  3. Il Pomodoro in Village Market has by far the most delicious pizza in Nairobi

  4. Try Chicago pizza at sarit foodcourt.

  5. thanks 4 the top ten
    ..i request you try exotica restaurants pizza,am telg u its amazing.

  6. really dominos pizza has the best pizza..its the third worlds best pizza place in the world…and too..pizza hurt is on its way to kenya.

    • Pizza hut.

  7. We have always liked the pizzas at Mediterranean.

    • agreed!

  8. Chicago Place at the food court in Sarit Centre have excellent pizza 🙂

    • Total rubbish. The culinary expertise and the lack of Italian food culture is flagrant….where is Mediterraneo? ?? Dolce vita??? Pomodoro? ??

  9. I live for pizza and can honestly say that pizza Inn should not be a part of this selection!! Its just a mound of tasteless flavorless bread with tardy ingredients!! No pizza Inn Plz.. Pomodoro at VM and osteria are my best picks.. And if you in Mombasa.. Yul’s is amazing..

  10. Mediterraneo never disappoints, Dominos ofcourse had to hit this list, 360 degrees makes you want to order all pizzas on the menu

  11. Medittereneo has the best pizzas.. They have consistently maintained their standard for a long time…

  12. the Blog is real,…. 360 got the best pizza and wine by far…. better try

  13. Some of those look like a desperate effort to make up a list of 10.

    How Pizza Inn’s drab n’ dreary failed attempts to make pizza, or Debonairs Fast Food Muck could make it in to a Pizzeria Top 10 is beyond belief.

    Naked Pizza: Nice concept, terrible tasting crust – it’s like eating dry rye bread, almost scrapes your mouth.

    Domino’s would be banned from the list if you were in Italia, but I gotta admit their pan pizzas are very tasty.

    Mediterraneo should be on the list; Il Pomodoro is up there. Even Divino comes in streets ahead of some of these options.

  14. Debonairs pizzas are amazingly delicious and leading in Fast food category in Kenya. Their toppings are generous and comes in variety. A great article and we’ll researched I must admit

  15. Debonairs? Dominos? Pizza Inn? PLEASE! Including them on your list completely discredits the list. These establishments do not make pizza. They make something that perhaps looks like pizza, but the ingredients they use are disgusting.

    L’Arena (at Shalom House on Ngong Road on St. Daniel Comboni Road used to have the BEST pizza in Nairobi, but under the new management, it has gone downhill. Very sad because their Four Cheese pizza was the BOMB!

  16. Hands down, Mambo Italia is the best ever. Unique from the rest. Actually the rest have more or less the same menu, Mambo italia is so different and tasty, it is miles apart.

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