Best Local Restaurants in Mombasa

Local eating in Mombasa is a natural thing. Locals and tourists love to indulge in all sorts of local culinary delights in the restaurants. Well, the humidity in Mombasa tends to increase one’s appetite (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). The local restaurants in Mombasa are original and we can’t picture them anywhere other than here.

Here, we share our selection of the best local restaurants in Mombasa, in no particular order. These restaurants are noted for their delicious Kenyan dishes as well as their distinct flavours. No visit to Kenya is complete without having a meal in one of the following local restaurants.

1. Tarboush Restaurant

Located in the Central Business District area, Tarboush is one of the most popular restaurants for locals and tourists alike. Somehow there’s always a memo for International and local tourists, not to leave Mombasa without dining at Tarboush! With a variety of Swahili foods to choose from such as Biryani, Pilau, beans in coconut sauce and the ever famous Shawarma, Tarboush offers you a taste of Mombasa within minutes at a pocket friendly price, which makes it a favourite for many. The service is always slow, and the heat can get to you sometimes while waiting for your meals, but you have to adopt to Mombasa’s motto: There’s never any hurry in Mombasa!

Tarboush Restaurant , Mombasa

2. Yuls Restaurant

Located right on the sandy white beaches of Bamburi, Mombasa, the ambiance and the amazing view of the beach makes one feel so at ease. With mouth-watering cuisines to choose from, and fresh seafood that the chefs prepare on charcoal BBQ, you can indulge in a wide range of water sports as you wait for your meal, such as water skiing, jet skiing or surfing or just a walk along the beach and wind down with their ever delicious ice creams for dessert, or sit back and relax with your favourite drink in hand as you release the tensions and concerns for the day. Good service, tasty foods and an amazing ambiance, Yuls has a way of relaxing your mind.

Yul's Resturant

3.The Moorings Restaurant

Situated on the North Coast of Mombasa, The Moorings floating restaurant and dhow is tucked away in the scenic tranquil creek in Mtwapa. The only floating restaurant in Kenya, The Moorings restaurant has a great waterfront setting and an ambiance of tranquillity and charm. With expertly prepared fresh seafood dishes, the restaurant offers one a vast array of mouth-watering delicacies to choose from. The Moorings is ideal for a romantic night out and dinner with friends or family. Experience its serenity and atmosphere as you enjoy your meal by the dhow or in the floating restaurant. The Moorings will leave you with a sense of calmness and tranquillity, it has that effect on people.

Morings, Mombasa

4. La Marina Restaurant

Located on the shores of Mtwapa Creek on the North of Mombasa, the creek has a way of leaving you in awe of the surrounding bird life and serenity around it. With an amazing fresh seafood cuisine to choose from and attentive friendly service, La Marina is an ideal favourite for many. Situated right on the water edge, it has a breathtaking view overlooking the water especially when you go just before sunset and enjoy the view as the sun sets slowly on the horizon while you wine and dine the night away.

La Marina2

5. Mikaye Restaurant

Located in Nyali; Mikaye is an Afro-fusion restaurant that specializes in Kenyan traditional foods. The location and atmosphere are just perfect and make one feel so at home. With a variety of Kenyan foods to choose from, one is always spoilt for choice. The decor has a warm feeling to it that makes it ideal for a family night out with the kids. The rooftop has an amazing breeze as you enjoy your meal on a hot summer night. While the service at Mikaye has room to be improved, the food is outstanding and makes a visit here more than worthwhile.

Mikaye Restuarant

6. Koroga Country Club

Located in Nyali, Koroga offers a wide selection of sumptuous vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, with an Asian fusion to it. The lush green lawns and surrounding trees all around you, makes it an ideal spot for meeting up with friends and family. The uniqueness of Koroga is that you can always hire one of the Bandas, prepare your own meals, have a barbecue and have your own private meet up with friends, just by letting them know in advance. The serene ambiance, friendly staff and privacy makes it an ideal spot for many.

Koroga Country Club Photo Source: Eatoutafrica

7. Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant

Located in Diani, on the South Coast of Kenya, Ali Barbour Cave is a unique restaurant. The underground cave is  thought to be up to 180,000 years old. The cave restaurant offers you a once in a lifetime dining experience. With an a la carte mouth-watering menu, you can’t help but feel like you have travelled back into time. The starry skies, as the cave opens to the sky, set an amazing romantic tone and atmosphere for this amazing fine-dining restaurant.

Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant Photo Source: Inhabitat

8. Jahazi Coffee House

Jahazi Coffee House is located in the heart of Old Town, a few minutes walk from Fort Jesus. From fresh juices and smoothies as well as tasty bhajias and samosas, this charming coffee house teleports you to Lamu instantly as you indulge in their delicacies. You can relax the afternoon away while sitting down on the floor to enjoy the slow paced life of Mombasa.

Jahazi Coffee House

Is your favourite local restaurant on the list? Kindly share your experience with us in the comment box below.

Our Readers Comments

  1. Wow! Interesting selection. Makes me miss the Kenyan Coast terribly. Well, at least there are a few places I need to try next time.

  2. Please keepme updated on any other that is worth a try. Thanks….

  3. Morning just wanted to find out if its okay if i reblog some of your post like this one?I love sharing Kenyan content in a bid to try and promote domestic tourism

  4. Fantastic piece, I hope its not in order because there is no way Tarboush should be at the top of this list all things considered.

  5. There are several better restaurants in Mombasa. Cafesserie, Eataly, Giardino’s – the best Italian food in town, Roberto’s, Tamarind, Hunter’s Steakhouse, Thelassa, Big Tree (surprising!!, and out of Mombasa, there’s Monsoon in Mtwapa for the best seafood, Leonardo’s and Aniello’s in Diani, Olympia in Malindi for the best pizza in Kenya!! and White Elephant.

  6. And for true local food, Yul’s and the other restaurants listed except Tarboush (bad quality) and Mikaye don’t serve any local foods, Masai Mombasa in Nyali tops the list with the best service and local food in the entire coast if not the country!!

  7. Tamarind the best for seafood.

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