The 6 Most ‘Effective’ Business Trip Gadgets

Your passport and visa are ready. HR has mailed your tickets. Your work-suits, important documents, hair dryer, and shoes are all packed. In short, you and your team are ready for your business trip. Then why does it feel like you’ve forgotten something? Let’s discuss the 6 best business trip gadgets that will put your mind at ease.

1- Travel Bag That Changes the Game 

A strange one to start with, but the travel luggage game has changed forever. Gone are the days where we’re satisfied with the ‘family travel bag’ which has one working zip, is a strange light-brown colour, and has a knack of playing hard-to-get upon arrival.

If the security of your bag is a concern for you when traveling (and let’s face it; it is) the next generation of suitcase has you covered. Built in GPS tracking, combined with a digital remote locking system, will have you resting easy on-board the airbus. Add in a Supercharger for any, and all, of your devices; traveling has never been this easy.

2- No More Guessing Game: Luggage Scale 

You’ve bought presents for your parents, your siblings, their kids, your kids, your partner and anyone else who whatsapped you while on your travels. However, the 4kg’s you had to spare in your bag now might not be enough. Never fear, we’ve got you covered.

Luggage scales are now on every travellers list of must-have’s and we’re impressed. Able to accurately weigh bags up to 50kg’s and some models even have a built in thermometers to advise on the local climate.

Never donate your favourite jersey to any airline again.

3- The Mini Hero: Travel Router 

Staying connected on business trips has quickly moved its way up the priority list, and sits comfortably in the number one spot. Whether you’re wanting to; let your family know you’ve arrived safe, or upload the work you did on the plane to the cloud, never be let down by awful hotel Wi-Fi again.

A travel router enables you to take any situation you encounter, with respect to connectivity, and immediately solve it. If you’re struggling to get a decent signal, the router will act as a booster. If you’re restricted to having one device linked, the router enables multiple connections. If for some reason your hotel has skipped the Wi-Fi perk all together, the router has a slot for a sim card. If you’re simply looking to charge your phone, some routers can handle that too. In short, these little bad boys, are a bit of a jack-of-all-trades (master of all trades), and a must for any “things to pack” list.

4- Scan Everywhere with a Portable Scanner 




“If only I had a way to get this document I’m holding onto my/your computer/phone in a PDF format”, said everyone, ever.

Scanners in general are often just an after-thought in the business world, considered in the same category as fax machines and beepers. We always thought this was a bit of a harsh deal for the scanner, and with the popularity of ‘the cloud’ sky-rocketing, it’s time for the portable scanner to take its place in the spotlight. The ability to send a document straight from your hand to ‘the cloud’, or your computer/phone, has revolutionised how face-to-face business is done.

Keep your meetings flowing efficiently by uploading any documents at lightening-speed.

5- Everything Is Under Control: Travel Projector 




The last of our tech gadgets is possibly our favourite. Too often are you welcomed into a conference room, only to sit for an hour while you wait for the IT department to fix the projector. Not on our watch. Introducing the travel projector. The handling of any presentation has never been easier with this plug-and-play-beast that connects to any laptop available. The lightest projector on the market weighs in at an astounding 1kg and business people across the globe are lining up (online) to grab one.

Being in control of all the elements of your business meeting will allow for a clear mind in the lead up, and enable you to deliver the pitch you have prepared, perfectly.

6- A Lifesaver: Portable Washing Bag and Iron


Stepping out of the tech industry, and into the ‘how on earth did we ever travel without one of those’ industry, we finish off our list with the travel washing bag, and iron. You’ve made a few connections on your trip, and your dream company has just asked you to nip into their office on your way to the airport. One problem; your meeting shirt is dirty, and there isn’t a laundromat in site. Again, stay calm, we’ve got you.

The travel washing bag is a mix of the future, and the past. Taking inspiration from old-school washing boards and combining with Nano cleaning technology, you simply fill the bag with the appropriate amount of water; pop your clothes in, seal the bag, and scrub.

Hang your clothes, let them dry, and iron, with your bite-size, travel, steam iron.

We’ve covered getting you to your hotel, staying connected at your hotel, and being prepared for any eventuality. The rest is up to you.

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