10 Beautiful Destinations To Visit In The Middle East

While there are some certain regions in the Middle East where people can actually indulge their love for fine dining, great shopping, history and culture, world-class hotels and resorts; many Kenyans have been travelling to destinations like Europe, United States and of course Africa for a fabulous holiday experience.

Little do people known that that the Middle East is full of multicultural cities, luxury hotels, architectural grandeur, trendy department stores, fine restaurants, pristine beaches and exciting activities, modern shopping malls and culture galore. With warmer climates, you can enjoy a truly amazing vacation with a difference. The Middle East destinations provide visitors with great opportunities to explore a combination of ancient historical sites and western refinement.

We think it’s high time you changed your bucket-list; here are 10 beautiful destinations to visit in the Middle East for a remarkable holiday experience. These destinations feature modern expediencies and interests set beside an outstanding and picturesque backdrop. There are not so many places in the world except in the Middle East, where you can explore ancient relics and still find time to soak in the sun and surf, spend some time on the beach, or sip cocktail by the pool in a luxury hotel.

1. Tel Aviv, Israel


Photo Source: Israeltourism on Flickr

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel. The city is one of the most startling cities in the world, a vibrant city where history springs back to the emergence of civilization. It is way different from Jerusalem, the largest city in Israel, which is full of religious marvels and holy sites. Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan metropolis with holiday outlooks, remarkable nightlife and beach revelry. The modern city has everything you could ever imagine. Tel Aviv is truly a place you want to be!

2. Dubai, UAE


Dubai is a vacation paradise, a city full of many wonders and tourist attractions including some of the world’s tallest buildings. With beautiful beaches, timeless deserts, modern shopping malls , souks and so many fun activities, Dubai is an amazing vacation destination. The city amazes its visitors with it’s a variety of ritzy hotels, classy restaurants, trendy bars and nightclubs.

3. Doha, Qatar


Photo Source: Joi Ito on Flickr

Doha, the largest city and capital of Qatar, offers some of the most beautiful attractions including a variety of modern shopping malls. Just like Dubai, the city has become a popular tourist destination for global visitors. Many visitors visit Doha to indulge in exciting golf-related activities, go shopping at the souks, visit the desert for adrenaline-pumping activities and enjoy the pristine sandy beaches and sea views.

4. Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

Photo Source: federico maccagni on Flickr

Petra is a beautiful destination, a remarkable wonder of the ancient world with irreplaceable sights and prehistoric sites. The city is red-coloured rock carved, full of inexplicable charm and magnificent primeval structures. It has always been attraction to tourists and travellers who love primitive adventures. Petra is a UNESCO world heritage site, with a lot of history and amazing ancient architecture to explore. Petra is a fantastic idea for a holiday.

5. Beirut, Lebanon


Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon, located on a small isthmus spreading from the shoreline into the Mediterranean Sea. Even though Beirut has revived itself from war mutilations and has become one of the leading cultural cities in the Middle East, the city still upholds the vibes of the age-old days. The city is known for history, unique culture and traditions; it offers a variety of ancient monuments and architecture. The modern Beirut boasts beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, trendy bars and clubs, fine restaurants and a wide variety of contemporary attractions.

6. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul (2)

Photo Source: 2benny on Flickr

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, although it’s not the capital city. The city is a popular tourist destination with a great number of beautiful attractions including stunning mosques and museums. There is always something to see and do in Istanbul, from shopping – hunting for bargains in small bazaars, festivals, Aghia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Place and many more. Istanbul brings together the East and the West, a mix of the Asian and European culture.

7. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a beautiful city that tempts travellers with fascinating architecture, plenty of history and culture, renowned archaeological spots to visit. Cairo is a superb choice for a vacation. The city is famous for its prehistoric buildings such as the Sphinx and the iconic Pyramids. Apart from the sightseeing, there are many interesting things to do in Cairo such as shopping, cruising and partying.

8. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Corniche in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is a beautiful destination, one of the popular travel destinations in the Middle East. The city is rich in culture and heritage, full of luxury hotels, fine restaurants and stunning attractions such as Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Khalifa Park, the souks, Heritage Village and many others. Visitors travel to this captivating emirate to enjoy their holidays, and explore the city, discover its fascinating history, amazing pleasures and modern infrastructures.

9. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Photo Source: deviantart.net by Saudixjapan

Riyadh is the capital and largest city in Saudi Arabia. The city is immense and expansive, full of many stunning sights and exciting activities. The city has become the cultural and business centre of the country; it combines the Arab tradition with imported western culture to become a megalopolis. If you love shopping, history, bowling, camels, camping, desert adventure, you should probably visit Riyadh.

10. Manama, Bahrain

Manama, Bahrain

Not many Africans know much about Bahrain, a beautiful country in the Middle East. Manama is the capital and largest city in Bahrain, the city is rich in history and culture like other Middle East destinations. Manama is a cultural city with stunning natural features, modern groundwork and architecture, and amazing attractions.

The Middle East offer amazing travel experiences, and you can always get cheap flights to these destinations. If you have visited any of these Middle East destinations, share your experience with us in the comment section below:

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  1. Which are the cheapest a airfares and airlines to any of the above mentioned places, especially Dubai? When are the shopping festivals in Dubai and also during which period are the rates to Dubai the lowest?
    Thanks & Kind regards,
    Manraj Singh

  2. Hi..kindly email me the quote of travelling 2 turkey..

  3. I have stayed in Beirut for 3years and visited Doha.these are places i would visit over and over again.mad loooove for the cities

  4. Tehran is not on the list?!!!!!!! Tehran is a very beautiful city and the second largest in the middle east and the largest in western Asia! and it’s completely safe city to travel! this is so political! yeah i agree with most of these cities on this list but TEHRAN IS NOT ON THE TOP 10 CITIES IN THE MIDDLE EAST?!! i mean are you kidding me?!!!!!! just search Tehran pictures with Google Images and see if i’m lying!

  5. What no Iran? Iran has more landscape and sceneries than all of those countries combined.

  6. I have been to Manama and Dubai. I enjoyed both the places. I loved Dubai for its great architecture, beaches and the fascinating attractions and Manama for its culture and scenic beauty. I’ve been to Bahrain last year so I remember very well of my days in there. Manama and Bahrain are really small but will offer us plenty of sights. I stayed at Westin Hotel in Manama connected to City Centre Bahrain. It was an ideal location. I dined out at wonderful restaurants. I had good vantage to the various attractions in Bahrain like Bahrain National Museum, Tree of Life, Bahrain Fort etc. Don’t miss Bahrain despite being a small place.

  7. cairo should be 1, khurtum, sudan should be 2

  8. That’s weird the Iran isn’t in the list because it has most beautiful places to visit.

  9. Bahrain is by far the best country apart from dubai . Its small , compact and modern ! You can find amazing cultural sights and modern architecture in one place ! People are really friendly and polite as well as the country being beautiful ! A must for tourists . Everybody is welcomed !

    • it was a part of iran , and king of iran meade it a country. you have to call your nationallity iranian. and so, iran is also in that list too.

  10. I’m so tired of Iran never making the list of awesome safe fun most beautiful places in the world to travel to I’m planning a trip there for December and plan on staying for at least a month with my son it’s definitely safe enough for women to travel alone to as well as single women with children Iran is very welcoming place to travel with Tehran being the most fun Please add Tehran Iran to your list Thank you

    • I’m an iranian. Thank you for saying this ? Thank for having such a good and true opinion about Iran ?? Iran is really safe. It’s so safe for women too. Iranians are so hospitable. They like tourists. ? Iran has a lot of spectacular scenery. Iran has regions with completely different weather. Traveling to Iran would be an unforgettable trip.

  11. Except Dubai, i have not visited any other place in the list because i heard that Middle East region is very strict with lots of rules. When i heard that Dubai is very better than any other places in the Middle East i opt to visit that i have visited 3 times till now, it is so good to visit and enjoy. After reading your article i feel they are also good to travel and stay but i am unaware of the places individual rules so which i have to check once. Surely this time i will travel to a new place and experience something new.

  12. Without including Oman, Salalah your article will not have enough creditability. You only foucused on cities with high rise buildings.
    Anyway, thank you

  13. Interesting blog, good information is provided regarding vacation places in middle east. Was very useful, thanks for sharing the blog.

  14. Anyone going to Riyadh must visit Skybridge at the Kingdom Centre. We were staying in Copthorne hotels it didn’t take any time to visit there. The charges were pretty cheap around 65 SAR. But the view I had from there was breathtaking. That was the 99th floor. Can you imagine?

  15. All places which you mentioned tempting me to pack my bag now. I so want to travel all around the world.

  16. why Iran isn’t in list?????!!!!!!! . Iran i
    has most beatiful places in the world . Iran is more beatiful than these cities oo that lost.

  17. You described here all beautiful places of United Arab Emirates. I thought that only Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the best places to visit. But after your post, I know that there are many places. Now your post I thought I should visit rest places

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