5 Hidden Luxurious Resorts of Kenya

With so many luxurious offerings as far as resorts are concerned, all you have to do to find a plethora of options in Kenya is fire up your favourite search engine and type in “luxurious resorts in Kenya”.

The myriad of options you will get are all going to be wonderful and varied based on price, location and most likely type of travel and none of them will disappoint.

If, however, you are the kind of person who is looking for something a little off the beaten path; something a little hidden and maybe even something none of your friends has ever heard of, then you might have to dig a little deeper.

The thing about Kenya is that it’s full of luxuries as far as travel attractions are concerned. Some just can’t be so easily found on the first page of Google as others.

Samatian Island Lodge at night

That is one of the main reasons why this list exists. While you may not find many of the options listed here on the first page of Google, there is no doubt that you will absolutely fall in love with each and every one of them.

Hidden luxurious resorts in Kenya

1. The charming Lonno Lodge, Watamu

Any time you go to the Kenyan coast, the sheer number of options as far as accommodation is concerned is mindboggling at best. You have everything from extremely luxurious to the point of extravagance all the way to exceedingly thrifty. Lonno Lodge in Watamu is something in between.

Lonno Lodge is the kind of accommodation facility you would dream up given the chance. Not only is it beautifully designed and built but the entire idea behind it is “privacy”. It’s so private that you can actually book out the entire lodge if you so wish.

With stunning views across the sea, impeccably decorated rooms, amazingly charming staff and delectable food to boot, Lonno Lodge is the kind of place you go to when you want to get away from yourself and everyone else.

P.S: It has a saltwater infinity pool. Not very many of these exist in Kenya.

2. The gorgeous Arijiju Retreat, Laikipia

Moving away from the coast for a second and heading inland; the Laikipia plateau is a wonderful destination for any traveller interested in experiencing Kenya at its rawest. From the flora to the fauna, the Laikipia plateau is abundantly blessed.

Arijiju Retreat

Arijiju Retreat is a hidden gem within the vast wilderness of Laikipia. Nestled in about 90,000 acres of nothing but bundu, this beautiful retreat is very much in a world of its own.

Don’t let that fool you though, Arijiju Retreat is an outstanding recreational facility with a myriad of accolades including “winner of the Hotel Residences Award at the International Hotel & Property Awards in 2017”.

Pool at Arijiju Retreat

A few days stay with Arijiju Retreat will open your eyes to a world like no other: horse riding through the wilderness, exciting game drives with the Big Five being part of the family taking up residence within the 90,000 acres of uninhabited land (you could see lions, rhinos, buffalo, elephants and even the elusive leopard from time to time).

The facility also doubles as a world-class wellness retreat offering you unbelievably rejuvenating spa treatments.

3. The enchanting Sands of Chale

It doesn’t get more private than a “private island”. The Sands of Chale is the kind of place dreams are made of. Imagine sailing into a picturesque resort that features the unbelievably difficult to pull off a fusion of nature, elegance, comfort, privacy and luxury. The place is not like any other you know. Just 600 metres from the mainland yet worlds apart from humanity, Chale is only 0.8 kilometres wide and 1.2 kilometres long.

Even at that minute size, the island still offers you an unbelievable amalgamation of treats from stunningly uninhabited beaches to a lush forest known as “Kaya” and a coral sand bay that is home to some of the most colourful fish you will ever see.

Depending on when you go (off-peak season) you can actually have the island all to yourself.

4. The stunning Kizingoni Beach Villas, Lamu

A relatively new addition to the coastline, Kizingoni Beach Villas in Lamu. The villas themselves are as beautifully built as you would expect with touches of Swahili architecture and quintessential decoration. However, it’s not the villas that will bring you to this place – it’s where the villas stand.

Kizingoni Beach holds about 24 acres of unspoilt white sands. This gives you unimaginable seclusion, excellent views across the sea, soothing winds and delightful peace and quiet.

There is a local village nearby called “Kipungani” where you can go to get most of what you might want if you intend to do your own catering (you have the option of having a private chef with your villa). From fresh fish, palm products to an evening being regaled by the village residents, staying at Kizingoni Villas gives you access to both worlds without making you choose between one or the other.

What’s more – Lamu and Shela are just a 20-minute boat ride away. So you can always sail back out should things get…too peaceful.

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5. The beautiful Samatian Island Lodge, Lake Baringo

From “The Sands at Chale”, let’s head out to another private island inland. Lake Baringo, found in Kenya’s portion of the Great Rift Valley, is well known for its abundance of wildlife including spectacular bird species, hippos, crocodiles and an assortment of fish.

The Samatian Island Lodge is hired out on an exclusivity basis. There are five, open-plan rooms with two of them being labelled as “family units” because of the partitioned bedroom, sitting room, bathroom and verandah. The rest are en-suite rooms fully equipped with sitting areas.

Owned by Caro and Ross Withey, the Samatian Island Lodge is perfect for people who just want to get away from it all. It’s quiet, it’s homely and it has that traditional feel that will have you reconnecting with nature and your true self.

Do you know of any other hidden gems in Kenya? Share the information with us in the comment section below.

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