15 Best Cities to Live in Africa

Many people seek to live abroad, especially cities in Europe, America and Asia. This rush to relocate is born out of the desire to reside in a city that offers good road network, electricity and other social amenities as well opportunities for economic growth. Ironically these young aspiring leave behind numerous cities in Africa, that are emerging markets where the real opportunities they seek are located in cities with saturated economy with no new opportunities to fresh immigrants.

These beautiful African cities are amazing place to live in because they have security, they are emerging markets with many business and career prospects, and they have basic infrastructure as well many attractions for recreation. Besides, they have the warmth of African friendliness and hospitality. Here are the 15 best cities to live in Africa:

1. Johannesburg, South Africa


Johannesburg is one of the wealthiest modern cities in Africa; it has a lot of investment and career opportunities.  Its airport is one of the best in the world and it is home to the largest man-made forest in the world. The inner cities are clean and there are several shopping malls, international hotels and restaurants. Johannesburg is an amazing city to live in.

2. Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek, Namibia

As the economic, social, cultural and political capital of Namibia it is the location of most government institutions. Though a relatively small city it has a bubbling business district which has trendy shopping malls, bars and restaurants. It has adequate healthcare services and has good educational institutions. Windhoek is a wonderful place to live in.

3. Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis has a high life expectancy with an average person living up to 74.6 years old it the second happiest place to live in Africa. It is among the first Muslim city to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tunis has an ever increasing manufacturing sector and the gross domestic product of the city is on the increase.

4. Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Afrcia.

A good number of multinational companies prefer to use Nairobi as the base for their operations in East Africa and Africa at large; for instance, companies such as Rockefeller Foundation and General Electric chose Nairobi as their anchor city for their African operations. Housing is affordable; their internet connectivity is one of the best in Africa. The technology market is promising, and the city has good social amenities and exciting attractions. The down side is transportation; it is preferable to have your own car.

5. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es-Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam is the economic and political nerve centre of Tanzania. It is the third fastest growing African city. It enjoys tropical weather all year round. It is home to the famous University of Dar es Salaam the oldest as well as the largest public university in Tanzania.  There is easy access to basic education as the primary education is free. Similarly, the city is blessed with beautiful attractions, exciting things to do and see, welcoming people and memorable experiences.

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Seaside of Cape Town, beautiful coastal city in the Africa, pano

Every amenity and luxuries that can be found in the most developed metropolitan cities of the world is present in Cape Town. That could explain why the city has won several award. It is a very colourful city located near several vineyards which produce some of the best wine money can buy and the city is located between mountains and the ocean. It is the hub of the digital and insurance sector in Africa.

7. Kigali, Rwanda

Downtown Kigali

Photo Source: Sean J on Flickr

Kigali, Rwanda has a large percentage of expatriates among its 1 million residents. The central business district has several modern architecture springing up in recent times among which are the new 20-floor, New Kigali tower that hosts several offices and departmental stores. The diverse wildlife of the country is a great attraction to tourist and it’s home to the exotic mountain gorillas. Kigali is abundant with wonderful housing development to reside in. The weather is moderate most of the time and there are varieties of exciting activities and good social amenities for the residents. The people are friendly and always welcoming

8. Kumasi, Ghana

Kumasi, Ghana

Photo Source: Jbdodane on Flickr

Kumasi is host to one of the largest market in West Africa that has over ten thousand stalls. The city has many beautiful flowers and exotic plants species thus it is called “The Garden City”. The legendary hospitality and warm friendliness of the people of Ashanti region in which Kumasi is located makes it a livable city

9. Libreville, Gabon

Libreville, Gabon

Photo Source: Hugues on Flickr

Libreville is the largest city of Gabon. It has a literacy rate of about 90 percent. The lifestyle of the people is greatly influenced by the French, which explains the city’s beautiful architecture and monuments, grand boulevard and stylish design of the city generally. Its unique features include natural landscape, beautiful beaches, parks and nature reserves and that makes living in Libreville like a permanent vacation. Away from its beautiful attractions, the city is developed and urbanized with amenities to serve the people. Similarly, it doubles as an oil city with an investment, which has boasted the mining sector in recently.

10. Lagos, Nigeria


Photo Source: Dilemmax.net

Lagos is known to be the most populous city in Nigeria. Lagos, the city of aquatic finery, is steeped in history and culture and has remarkable array of magnificent architecture and stunning attractions. The city is main economic spirit of Nigeria, despite not the capital city of the country; it has the strong presence of notable companies, educational institutions and top-notch amenities. The city is an interesting place to live, friendly people and unforgettable experiences.

11. Gaborone, Botswana



Photo Source: Botswana Tourism

Gaborone is politically stable and has a flourishing economy. It is also one of the most peaceful cities in Africa. The proceeds from diamond are the major driver of development in Gaborone.  Another major contributor to Gabs economy is the exportation of beef to Europe.Tourism is the city has been receiving a big boast in recent years as well as the development of sports and recreational facilities. It is linked to Pretoria the capital city of South Africa. South African shopping malls and departmental stores can found in the city.

12. Accra, Ghana

Accra, Ghana

Accra the capital city of Ghana is a modern city with classic bars, restaurants, shopping malls and night clubs.  It also has a flourishing real estate sector, little wonder it has become a favourite vacation destination for upper class Africans and tourists especially Nigerians who take a short flight to have leisure in their weekend homes in Accra. The Ghanaians are very friendly people and their tropical environment is very much favourable. There are many highbrow area and also nice spots for evening hangout, making it an amazing city to live in.

13. Algiers, Algeria

Algiers, Algeria

Photo Source: Damien Boilley on Flickr

Algiers is fondly referred to as the “Paris of North Africa”. In Algiers the visual magnificence of Europe beautifully blends with the splendour of the Arab world. The city has a booming economy and accommodates a lot of expatiates and foreign employees. Similarly, the city runs a socialist system which does not stress class differences. The tourists’ attractions of Algiers are spectacular with beautiful sandy beaches and fascinating landscape.

14. Grahamstown, South Africa


Photo Source: Wikipedia

Grahamstown located in the Eastern Cape Province is an arts and literature centre. The world famous National Arts Festival which holds in the city every summer is one of the big appeal of the city. There is easy access to higher education in the city as the renowned Rhodes University is located in the city. It is known as a city of academia because it is the only South African city with Education as its major economic sector. Over 40 religious buildings of various faiths located in the city has earned it the alias “City of Saints”

15. Asmara, Eritrea


Photo Source: Wikipedia

Asmara has magnificent architecture, a promising Italian-Eritrean community which has existed since the colonial days. It is the economic hub of the nation and was described by Madote.com as “the safest in the world,” though political instability in recent times has left many refugees abroad and the country has been stigmatized. However, Asmara is city is culturally and urbanely developed. When it comes to living in the city, there really is something for everyone.

Have you live in any of these cities before? Kindly share your experience with us in the comment below:

Our Readers Comments

  1. i never knew we have beautiful town in Africa,if i could have all the opportunities i would be in every city.

  2. Africa is the place to be,i love u big Mama Africa…..,lived in Nairobi kenya for 10yrs n’ i just luv the place big time……

  3. Africa is the place to be,i love u big Mama Africa…..,lived in Nairobi kenya for 10yrs n’ i just luv the place big time……

  4. Joberg above Cape Town—please!
    Who write/voted on this????

    • Hi John, the list is in no particular order.

    • Hi John you don’t want to look for a corner on a cycle big brother, you know very well that Jozi is tops as compared to Cape! That is not even up for discussion pleeeeeeease bosss

  5. very good cities but you have forgoten mombasa in kenya.

    • I second the motion!!

  6. I go with Kigali, Rwanda as the cleanest and safest of them all. Kigali tops with safety in the world now. Nairobi is not safe and clean.

    • “Safest”? In the world? In terms of what?
      Check Gaborone, Botswana.

  7. Nice blog,nice to see nairobi in there but i really feel like Ukunda(diani) or Watamu should be there and seychelles

  8. Nice report for regular travellers, only do not visit the backyards in almost have of the cities.Muggers will welcome you.

  9. I think Pretoria ( Tshwane) is the coolest place in Africa one can wish to reside, it’s the cleanest with the smartest and over – friendly people,and a calm place if you like serenity

  10. I have been to Joburg and Cape Town, both lovely cities. Joburg for business and world class entertainment. Cape Town for holiday and leisure. Windhoek, Namibia is if you want to get away from all the busy city life without actually leaving a city. If you want rest, Windhoek is for you.

  11. Nice cities!!
    I’ve travelled in many of those cities & I am sure KIGALI is the cleanest and peaceful city of them.

    • stop cheating

  12. I am resident of Windhoek, Namibia. It is quite a beautiful, safe and clean city to live in; if you can afford to live here. House prices have risen exorbitantly in the past few years and its the 2nd city in the world with the highest property prices. You need to earn N$23 000.00 per month (+/-$2300) to be able to afford a house of N$750 000.00 (+/-$75 000). Two problems here: 1. You just never find a house in that range. A 2 bedroom apartment starts anywhere between N$900 000.00 and N$1 400 000.00. 2. 52% of the Namibian population is unemployed, and of the the remaining 48%, not even half earn more than N$23 000.00. In fact, most of the employed earn less than N$3000.00 per month. So, even if its the 2nd best city to live in in Africa, its only if you can afford to live here.

    • i am from kenya in nairobi it is so hard to get a house it cost three thausand two rooms

    • Cherol the list is in no particular order, but still Windhoek stands out.

  13. Love u mama Africa,but why have u forgotten MOMBASA in kenya

  14. Seems like you just listed the capitals of various cities with one or two additions. Not really a true reflection to be honest

  15. I was born and raised in Asmara, aka piccola Roma (little Rome) – Eritrea. I love everything about this magnificent city. It’s citizens (often called Asmarinos) are one of the most humble and friendly people on earth. The streets are safe and peaceful to say the list. The pleasant around the year weather is inviting for jogging or cycling in the mornings or just walking after dinner. The food is irresistible from the spicy traditional meals to the most delicious gellato and everything in between – including the citywide-famous macchiato. Asmara is THE coolest city. I miss her so much and all my Asmarino friends.

  16. You are Missing on of the safe and best city in Africa Ethiopia. You better to revised your list check from Google and you will see what am talking about.

  17. You forgot Maputo, Mozambique. What a lovely city with excellent food, music and on the coast…

    • I second your motion Nikki P. Maputo is booming in everything. Hope that next the author will do a lot more research.

  18. I love Windhoek because I live here. I’ve been to Cape Town and Joburg and prefer Cape Town as the city to live in if I have to emigrate one day. Based on the comments above, I would love to go experience Rwanda, Ghana and Gabon some day. I’ve been to Addis Ababa and was astounded by its amazing cultures and dances but densely populated I must say.

  19. Biggest omission in this list is Addis Ababa. It is a wonderful city that will be number one in Africa within 5 years

  20. Asmara?

    Seriously. There are no jobs. There is no stable electricity in the city. There is very limited internet. There is no 3G network. There is no human rights period in the country.

    Save yourself the hassle and take it off the list.

    • Shut up.asmara is so beautiful even when there are people like making it look bad..hasawi

    • Really if you don know Asmara you better keep your mouth shut!! The political environment has nothing to do with the beauty of the city and citizens behaviour n Asmara should come on the top of the list!!!

  21. Asmara is something else . Exceptional weather and architecture. But most of all safety in
    In the city could be actually the best
    The world !

  22. Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, is without a doubt the safest city in Africa and arguably one of the safest, if not the safest city this planet has to offer. Crime in Asmara is virtually unheard of and most of the city’s residence often leave their homes, car doors and bikes unlocked.

    • I gree with you Asmara stand Number one for me for a simple reason all his war is the safe in place in Africa Bravo Asmara

  23. Asmara not only is one of the cleanest capital cities in Africa but also may be the only capital south of the Sahara where one can leave the car doors unlocked or prowl the back streets at all hours without fear of being robbed, even though the police are barely in evidence. American, Israeli, and other resident diplomats and aid administrators in Eritrea move freely around the country without guards or other escorts, as if they were at home. You see kids as young 6 walking in street at night without being harmed.

  24. Asmara, Eritrea? I can’t believe my eyes! The city that has been deserted by its own residents in biblical proportions, with no electric power and running water for over 2 years, where bread is rationed, gas, sugar and other groceries for household consumption are purchased “illegally” from the black market, the only university was slummed shut is 1 of the best cities in Africa?! Hope this is a satire?

    • Hi Ayanda, the list is in no particular order. Thank you 🙂

  25. I have travelled to most of this cities and do agree with the lovely article.

    I find Abuja better then Lagos in Nigeria.

    I would also vote for Dakar (Senegal), Abidjan (Cote D”Ivoire), Port Louis (Mauritius), Kampala (Uganda) and to a certain extent Ougadougou (Burkina Faso).

  26. Oluwakemi Ojo, Lagos does not belong to this list. You are dead wrong on Lagos or maybe you are just blindly patriotic. This city is overcrowded, filthy, endless traffic jams, lawless. If Lagos should be on this list then Bangladesh is the best city to live in in Asia

  27. True asmara and kigali are very clean and safe, nairobi-full of life,joburg-up top, in short-Africa you are very beautiful!!!

  28. Asmera is my hometown . Indeed it is the safest and cleanest in the world . I miss living there

  29. Born and raised in Asmara. I wish people new how beautiful and clean d city is and how pleasant d weather is.

  30. I lived almost my whole life in Asmara and I have been to Nairobi Kenya.Asmara is for sure the cleanest and safest city to live in.incontrary Nairobi is one of the most unsafe cities infested with crime ,particularly burglary,pickpocketing, armed robberies.thieves are burned alive if found redhanded stealing but that does not help improve the safety of the city.

  31. Where is Addis Ababa, Ethiopia? Addis is one of the beautiful cities now.

  32. Asmara Eritrea is safest and very clean city

  33. what about Kinshasa ???

  34. Well! I have lived in Asmara, Lagos , kenya but I found the best one to be Asmara. Of course here I consider safety as well. In that respect, I think Asmara should be no. 1.
    I found it to be the safest of all. I don’t believe western propaganda. Politically also I found it to be very stable.

  35. Asmara is just little Rome in Africa. early twentieth century architectural styles -Art Deco is amazing. Asmara is praised for its peaceful, crime-free environment, and for being one of the cleanest cities of Africa.Thanks

  36. None of u have bern to Eritrea, and u can never compare no African capital to the capital of Eritrea., Asmara

  37. None of u have been to Eritrea, and u can never compare no African capital to the capital of Eritrea., Asmara. But my Africa is priceless.

  38. I am an Asmarino, a term used to refer a resident of Asmara. Born and raised up in the city, I used to work as a tour guide for tourists who mainly were fascinated on the art-deco buildings of the city. Thanks to a project initiated by the municipality of Asmara, the art-deco buildings which mostly are located in the center of the city are gradually renovated under a strict supervision of the municipality. The city is safe and its people are hospitable. Also the century-plus old railway is still functioning and is frequented by tourists. The rail way runs down from Asmara to the port city of Massawa, 190 KMs away from Asmara. Its tourist-friendly attitude of the residents is the best attribute that we have, according to my observation during my tour-guide period.
    Hope some of you may come and see the city first hand.

  39. Asmara Asmara Asmara is simply the best

  40. Why have u forgotten Addis Abeba, Ethiopia the set of AU?? I am sure it better than some of the cities you have listed above!!!!! The order seems to be confusing as well, Who write/voted on this????

    • why is my comment awaiting moderation ? for simply saying the accury of the article and rank of the cities is confusing

  41. Grahamstown, beautiful and safe! 🙂

  42. I am from Asmara and I also have been to Kenya too..wow Asmara is a blessed city in the world, the safest, cleanest and beautiful city. The people welcomes and assists foreigners. There are no thiefs at all, you can walk 24 hours with out fears. And Asmara’s ladies are very very beautiful!
    Kenya, Nairobi is beautiful but not clean and not safe. A lot of thiefs even the police are thiefs. You can’t enjoy walking. You can’t carry money with you. It is a corrupted place

  43. I have lived in Cape Town, Joburg, Nairobi in the early 2000s, before migrating to the USA. They are all good, but my home town Asmara was the best. It is possible that Asmara may have changed the last 10 years because is the brutal dictators.

  44. I have traveled to many of these cities as well and can’t understand how was Dakar overlooked ? Definitely safer than any of the South African cities, bordering the Atlantic, modern, clean and with an emerging economy as well…. just saying….

  45. I lived in Asmara and though the political situation is bad right now, the city itself is so beautiful and so safe. It’s modern and the architecture is breath taking and the people are so nice. Trust me when things calm down that should be your number one stop.

  46. @Oluwakemi Ojo,the future of Africa is bright!!! I know the list only include only 15 cities. However, Cairo, Egypt and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia should definitely in the top 15. Seriesly

  47. I lived in Grahamstown for 28 years, leaving this year. It’s a quaint city, steeped in 1820 Settler history and a wonderful place to raise a family, with a large choice of good schools. Sadly, local government has run it into the ground, infrastructure is disintegrating daily and I would never in good conscience recommend it as a place to live any longer.

  48. Great list, but some of these cities despite having good living conditions economic wise, the insecurity is very high

  49. Confusing ranks! and some cities have also been missed. The accuracy is doubtful!!

  50. Correction: The Grahamstown National Arts Festival is in June which is winter in southern hemisphere.

  51. Enjoyed your article. Glad to see that our “City of Saints” aka Grahamstown made the list. However our National Arts Festival is held in WINTER – not in summer. I would appreciate it if you could correct this.
    Thanks. Looking forward to more articles.

  52. How about the lovely Ethiopia, Adids Ababa, Bahirdar,Mekelle , Hawassa , Adama,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if you never been in those places you don’t have to talk then,, PULS We BUILT IT OUR SELVES !!! NO Europeans built our cities …

    • Asmera’s present building is what was built during the Italian colonisation after that war and political instability has been great barrier to our people but the clean environment. . The well behaved society . Are the real resource of the nation. If someone get purse on the street. It’s obvious he will take it to the police station.. very unique culture God bless Eritrea.

    • May be some italians & definitely Chinese LOL.

    • No the Chinese have.

    • perfect..ethiopians build their home ..not just a hand from anyone else

    • You have not built anything Mr Filimon. All was built during the 5 years occupation time under Italy. Isn’t way you call your main street Piazza? Go and look what Piazza means. Don’t come here bragging “we are not colonized ” you people were colonizing each other “balabat vs tsisenga”

  53. Joburg is not clean… Lots of business though.

    Loved the people in Gabon, Libreville 🙂

    • Each and every City has a portion where its dirty

    • I think Libreville looks like Miami and people are very young there.

  54. “they have the warmth of African friendliness and hospitality” LOL, no. Most of these cities general vibes are cold. Everyone is always “I’m better than you, how dare you try to talk to me” unless they find you sexually attractive, then you’re candy for the night, but only for the night. I call bullshit on this entire article. There’s no “warmth” here, just elitist racism and classism.

  55. How about adding Port Harcourt in Nigeria? SA Pretoria is quite a relaxed slow paced than Jo’burg, a beautiful city too

  56. Port Harcourt in Nigeria? SA Pretoria is quite a relaxed slow paced than Jo’burg, a beautiful city too

  57. Nice city!!

  58. ***cities!!

  59. I was born and lived in Eritrea, Asmara for 16 years and it is such a beautiful place to live in regardless of the recent political issues which would subsequently cause deficiency of human basic needs.I also lived in Kenya-Nairobi for about 18months, it is absolutely comfortable place to live in….the weather

  60. Guyz thanks for the work done; but for sure Kigali is the safest/cleanest/coolest/peaceful to live in…though there are some cities like Mombasa but KGL still tops them in security world wide

  61. Certainly the crime rates within these cities have not been considered.

  62. Nairobi and in general kenya is a nice plave to live

    • Place

  63. I love Windhoek, but life is pretty expensive there…

  64. Africa will be the next economically booming continent

  65. i don’t see Angola on the list, did you forget that its consider one of the top 10 modern countries in Africa

    • South African cities could be more developed and well organised, but South Africans have the tendency to be racist. Wonder how jo’borg and cape were selected, must be b’coz of beauty and cleaness. Nairobi is So elegant and stylish but robbery and corruption can be frustrating.

      I would be content to live in Kigali and Asmara. Two little sweet african cities.

  66. if you need best city in Africa, come in kigali, the beautiful city ,peaceful and security
    come and you will been receive .when arrive contact me and help you to travel where ever you want and all kigali city


    • Addis is dirty and too much beggars

    • @Dani why you hate on Addis like that. The city may not be hygienic but it doesn’t lack safety, happiness, and opportunity. I am only talking about the City of Addis Abeba, not Ethiopia as a whole, as Ethiopia is a developing nation [so is Eritrea]. The city is loved by many and will always be loved as it truly is a new flower. If you live in the city, you’ll notice everyone is treated the same, yes even foreign residents! The city does nothing but provide: the perfect weather year round, security, opportunity (if you don’t give up easily), and many more!

      Judging from your name [Dani], you are either Ethiopian or Eritrean. So it’s really ironic for you to make ignorant comments on your blood land.

      P.S. – You mentioned there are beggars, well, so does every other city in the world.

      I’m not trying to be a smart ass but don’t be such a menace.

  68. Windhoek is small. ..clean , safe and growing fast ….but expensive though

  69. Nairobi and Kenya in general is beautiful!

  70. GRAHAMSTOWN!!!??? I lived there as a Student – I love the place to bits but the weather is TERRIBLE. Totally unpredictable and the the water supply is erratic because its in a valley. Also, real estate is CRAZY EXPENSIVE and the estate agents are mildly racist (ask any final year black students looking for off-campus digs). The festival only happens in June/July and all the acts are from out of town. The rest of the year, the arts scene is no more vibrant than any other town. It beautiful, historic, safe, great nightlife (fun and CHEAP to cater for Rhodes students and nice people. But as far as being among the best cities in Africa to live in – DON’T THINK SO!

  71. Your picture of Gaborone is outdated – the three pieces of land with roads shown as empty across from the government enclave are now occupied by buildings in the new CBD of Gaborone, including the new High Court, the Three Chiefs Monument, the Appeal Court, the Industrial Court. It also has Gaborone’s highest building, a mixed use residential and retail building called De iTowers, the Masa Centre, housing a top-of-the range 3D cinema complex, hotel, restaurants, spa and offices, and the unique Square Office block

  72. I have to say after living in Ghana for two and a half years I cannot recommend Kumasi to anyone. The city is dirty, the people aggressive, high theft and assault rate to foreigners! I never felt safe and always had to be on high alert in Kumasi! However Tamale should be considered as well as Takoradi, Ho and Cape Coast! Thank you

  73. I think Dakar should be somewhere on this list…

  74. Thanks for this spots on African beautiful cities though the question of security and economic trends are debatable. Unfortunately, you left out Abuja, the political and administratif capital Nigeria which is one of the most modern and most beautiful cities in Africa.

  75. Nairobi is the best in africa

  76. Where is Kampala?? this is bullshit!

  77. Yes Nairobi-Kenya is awesome but you have to consider which side to reside west and north part are heaven to live while East of Nairobi is Chaotic.

    Yes Kigali-Rwanda too is a cool place, friendly people, I liked it and enjoyed my stay there.

  78. Cape Town should be at the top of the list by virtue of nature providing the two oceans in the front and table mountain at the back with vineyards in between. Nairobi is a hub with huge potentials. The city to watch is my city in Kilifi. The is the city of the future……I wish I could bring everyone here to see……

  79. No Durban, best city in Africa, Jhb is a dump

  80. Asmara good city good people. But now it is the worst city the ruling government has destroyed the culture of the people chasing all eritrean form their country no electric power no water. May be the review was done during day time or something else

    • I take my vacation in Eritrea and Asmara in particular at least once a year and have not seen any issues with the goverment or politics….the weather is absolutely beautiful, people are kind and friendly.

      Houses are very expensive for the locals – fuel shortage becomes problematic with electricity but not notiecable when you fuel your rental car – the electricity shortage is like any African city but overall clean, safe and great city…

      The breath taking Semenawi Bahri is less than 30 minutes from Asmara – and it is a must see for any visitor…

      I suspect “Daniel” might be one of those who claim to be in the ” good for nothing opposition”

      Keep politics out of this conversation and rate / comment about the city

  81. I’ve seen Asmara,Eritrea once and was a brillant experience.Good weather,Wellcoming people and lovely tradition.Definetely one of the best in Africa.

  82. This is biased; due you know why? Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is missed which should be ranked in the top five cities.

  83. Am proud living at Dar es salaam and receiving ma education at the oldest university of Dar es salaam.Of coz in addition its among of the cities located in peaceful country Tanzania.Some cities are the best bt no peace!

  84. Capetown should have been on top of the list, then Durban a beautiful city. Joburg is a dirty city with lot of small business spoiling its beauty. Nairobi is OK but Mombasa should have been on the list rather than Nairobi. Asmara a beautiful city deserves the recognition. Dar es Salaam great people.

  85. Try to visit Asmara City and then you will decide to live for ever !
    The Safest place you need is Asmara !
    The cleanest city you need to see is Asmara !
    The weather you need to breath and match with your health is Asmara !
    You want to live and see happy people in your daily life is Asmara with Asmarino people !

    We Asmarino we love you all !

  86. Thanks for the beautiful informative article. People need to discover these safe places to live outside the US or Europe. One thing to add to your article, these cities are great vacation destinations too with nice beach, restaurants, nightclubs and most of all nature. I’ve personally visited all of the cities mentioned except for Libreville and Algiers. Whatever your interest may be you can find your nice enjoyment spot with accordance to your pocket.

  87. I assume the Criteria you have selected for best cities is based on cities which are built by colonial powers and not other factors come into considerations. To me this reasaerch does not have cridable argument.Therefore it is not belivable. Instead i find it weak openion of Mrs Ojo. Because it lucks clear benchmark what makes city prefarable and safe and that makes Cities are indeed best cities to live. It only mention Italian city, French influence and the like. what are other Variable for the study? Socio-poltical and economical aspects have not been obsorved. It lucks wisdom and methodes of studying of reaserch for making comparosion.

    • I bet you never been in some parts or many parts of Cities you mentiond and not mentiond on your the so called”The top Best Cites in Africa”

  88. Outright funny to see people wrapped in narcissistic nationalism. I am an Eritrean; and I tell you, our nationalism is morphed into racism. We have this tendency of portraying ourselves as “the better” and “the best” ones. Do you ever know that Eritreans often refer their country as not being African? We often tell foreigners that Eritrea is not like other African countries…how racist is that? As pompous as we are, we too are deluded to see how poor and desperate we are, and do not even consider the possibility that the thieves in Asmara saw it futile to rob people who have nothing, so we feed our narcissistic ego by claiming that our capital is safe. I would rather have my security at stake while having something to eat than stunted to the level of a teenager with a pity from a thief. In the first instance, I would at least have the muscles to defend myself.

    • Lol antum agame would you pls take ur envy to ur ethi-review and talk about the beauty of the cities mentioned instead of barking asmara is this asmara is that .
      You could also do ur own research and tell as which is the best to live in,for sure ur dirty adis(until 2015) won’t compete with the above cities let alone ur agame city menkele.
      btw do you think ppl will be fooled by ur lies ? everybody knows you r a twisted heart tigray ethiopian.

  89. Asmara is a sad city. There is no water, electricity is a luxury, bread is not available nor sugar or oil. Currently, the citizens of that city cannot move out from their homes in the evening as there is organized crime. During the day time the Securitate stops you every 100 meters to ask you if you have your ID card. It is very dangerous city for youngsters as they are detained without charge indefinitely. Therefore, it should not be included in the list.

    • shut up you fucking barefaced liar. electricity problems and water problems affect all africa. but asmara is still the cleanest and safest city hands down. would you let your sister walk 100 metres in nairobi at night? my friend she would get raped God forbid. no such things in Asmara. oh and you dont get stopped every 100 meters! wow! and what do you mean organized crime, maybe in your in twisted brain perhaps you flippin loser get your facts straight

  90. Welcome to Nairobi

  91. sorry grahams town is not the best Durban is cause of all its great facilities and tourist love Durban so plz remove it from the list(I mean grahams town)

  92. Joburg is the best, it have a well improved infrastructure, accessible shopping malls, accessible and reliable public transport, hospitals, banks and etc. its definitely one of the best city to live in the world not just Africa.

  93. You cant mention African cities and leave out The Sunshine City Harare, obviously the most peaceful, one of the best Horse Race Courses in the world, And one of the leading hotels of the world. Some of the best Upmarket housing and the lowest inflation in Africa.

    • Ki ki ki, What requirement did you use? Did you take in to consider the most basic things? like security (especially for the current situation), infrastructure, light, water, health institution, cost of light, political stability, etc? we can agree some cities like from South African, Rwanda, Namibia, etc. However, some of the cities which are included are totally wrong! So pls try to revise your requirements.

  94. Some of you have disease called jealousy. In any case you need to clean your city including the crimes.

  95. i am so glad to see my beautiful city Asmara Eritrea. One of the best cleanest safest city in the world so please come and visit for yourself

  96. Sad to see that the only people fighting here are ሃበሻ people.

  97. If really you are looking for interesting,beautiful and peaceful city to live in Nigeria you cannot pick lagos and ignore Abuja in Nigeria whatever criteria you are using.please invite for more opinion and visit the two cities again.thanks I am writing writing from Abuja

    • Fully agree with you! I need to know on what basis!

    • Its seems you’re trying to tackle the headache but ignoring the malaria. They rated Kigali, Libreville, Dar es Salam and etc over Lagos, which is quite insulting. Abuja is the best city in Sub Sahara Africa except South Africa. I think they simply researched this write up on Wikipedia?

  98. I think Abijan should be part of the top 15 finest cities in west Africa

  99. please comes to visit Kigali city ,whatever you want is there the green places, security…., beautiful weather and girls.I hope Kgl is the first highest growth city in the whole world

  100. Best cities in Africa with Lagos in the list and Abuja is not in the list?

  101. I live in Accra, Ghana and love it. Food is abundant and there are great places to have a good time. As a new resident after several years in New York City, my only complaint is the heat.

  102. You forgot Entebbe in Uganda I think! It is beautiful and vivid, structured and safe, has great shopping and entertaining possibilities as well as bars and restaurants of high standard, it has an international Airport, a botanical garden, and it’s situated on the Lake Victoria which makes it having nice beaches… I can definitely recommend this one.

    • The only thing I disagree with you concerning Entebbe, is to categorize it as a city, Entebbe is a small beutiful one-street town on the shores of lake Victoria, otherwise a nice place to spend time enjoying the fresh breeze from the second biggest fresh water lakes in the world, I highly recommend a visit to this place, bytheway Uganda is a paradise on earth.

    • i live nairobi kenya…i love the city of nairobi because of its beauty.. am not seeng luand angola in the list

  103. Where’s Dakar? But I would say Windhoek is the best kept secret in Africa

  104. mama Africa is the most blessed place.
    to me as a traveller international businessman, the most place i really wish to spend the rest of my life in is definitely KENYA.

    im visiting Kenya since 2006 straight. my next visit is after 3 weeks. i never imagine myself away from Kenya.
    don’t ask me why i love Kenya because honestly, i don’t know why. it is that pure unconditional love

  105. Very informative fir those of us who have not been privileged to travel around Africa

  106. I personally think you have left off a few wonderful cities, Firstly Cape Town should be number one, secondly Casablanca, Fez, Marrakesh, Maputo, Swakopmund, Zanzibar,Montana, Male,Port Louis, Praia, Cape Verde all cities that I would love in that should have been on this list.

  107. Dakar, Senegal deserves a place in this ranking.

  108. I love your argument but remember my city is also beautiful Monroiva.

  109. Surely the one who said will live in Kenya forever has the right mark. Apart from Nairobi, we have other towns that are really beautiful. Visit Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu etc and see the real beauty of Africa. Welcome to Kenya all, the pride of Africa

  110. Please leave your comment…firstly capetown should be number one, lagos is in the list and abuja is not u must be sick akawa ibom is ten times better than acrra and akawa ibom is not there

  111. What about Livingstone in Zambia?? That’s city is also really nice and beautiful!!

  112. Heey!, can you wake up and open yours eyes, Mombasa city kenya is the best place to be other places that follows are daban & abdijan please revise your work and include these changes

  113. I think Abuja and Akwa ibom should be Included because the Two cities have something to offer. From suleja To kubwa in abuja. And nwaiba road, ibom tropicana and meridien ibom hotel in Akwa lbom has alots to offer.

  114. Please leave your comment…men wat of kampala uganda_the pearl of africa

  115. How can u put accra,Gaborone,Lagos n u don’t put Cairo, Egypt for sure pliz make ur research properly

  116. Excuse me among all of u here d person dat I see dat have much more traveling experience is “Shamiel Soni ” we are talking about finest cities in Africa u don’t mention Marrakech, Rabbat, Casablanca in Morocco… Algiers,Oran,Constantine in Algeria then Cairo, Sinai, Alexandra in Egypt good Tunis and Lagos is there but Abuja and jos is left behind for does who comparing Abuja with Lagos pls don’t dream it Lagos is better than Abuja in many way… Thanks wade

  117. Windhoek, Namibia must be in the top 3.

  118. Lagos? the 4th least livable city in the world? but not Abuja? puleeez.

  119. Nairobi is the place to be …just get a bite and you will die for the rest of the package …..Anyway as Africans let market our palaces and try to improve the life we have and the one our kids will die to have….LEGOO PEEPS

  120. Where is Mwanza, Tanzania?

  121. I don’t see kampala it’s one of the best cities to have business in free land for investment superb security, professional army loving people

  122. Remove Lagos and replace with Abuja

  123. Trying to be objective here; In many ways Nairobi is the city of Africa’s future, Asmara and Kigali are most forward thinking in terms of environment and cleanliness, Cairo, joburg and capetown have the best infrastructure if not the best leadership, Accra and Kampala are the most literate, not forgetting the most populous and high potential of Nigerian cities- Abuja and Lagos. The beauty of north african countries like tunis, morocco is outstanding. Other nods go to Windhoek and why is Bulawayo not on this list. Africa is the place to be!

    • Very good analysis!!!!!

      Abuja on the list definitely NOT Lagos.
      You forgot Durban, Addis and definitely Algiers
      Nairobi as the technology center “Africa’s Silicon Valley”

  124. Unfortunately, it looks that South Africa is about to commit national suicide. If SA stays the course, and forcibly takes land from the white South Africans, we will see another replay of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe; racial cleansing of the white population, a collapse of the Agricultural sector and economic ruin.

    Therefore, South AFrica is OUT as a country to immigrate to or to invest in.

  125. Nice list up there. But I think you should have included Abuja instead of Lagos. But overall, nice compilation.

  126. Wowed you guys are wonderful people, Africa is gonna be great, in Nigeria please go and review the write up. Because Abuja and Cross-river state should be in the list, beautiful and cleanest environment to live in.

  127. It is mostly sad that as African, you can’t get on the train and move from Tunis to Cape Town just to learn about your continent. It is sad because I have seen pretty much the whole of North America and Europe; because you can get a car and just go every where with a single visa. I’m hoping I can tour all of these places before I’m too old.

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