Why Travel Will Change Your Life?

Life is beautiful. We’re always trying to take our story to even more incredible places, striving to find the next amazing adventure. We have the technology to see how big and colourful the world is. From time to time, you smile at life in Africa, get excited by a beach in Asia, or be charmed by the amazing nature of Iceland – all from your desk. You see the line-ups of all the big festivals you dream of or imagine yourself standing amidst those historical pieces of art you love. You know, life is too good to be ordinary, but sometimes just knowing is not enough. Daily life makes you forget what you know. We feel it’s time for you to take a break, a deep breath, and realise the big difference these small moments make. Life is a story you live in, not a show you watch; that’s why travelling becomes your greatest inspiration. We mean it, just look around. Look at those who travel more, and their changed outlook on life. See the difference in their smile, see their zest for life.

Let’s write your story. STARTING NOW! 

Why you ask?

Because, you learn to…

Live in the moment: forget about routine and sticking to rigid plans. You learn what it feels like to wake up at 8 am, and be in control of your day. You learn to open doors you want to go through, not doors you’ve been told to go through.

Roll with the punches: missed your flight? Hotel fully booked? Luggage lost by the airline? Consider your soul in training.

Read people: Knowing who is helpful, and who isn’t. Knowing good intentions when you see them. Knowing how to really notice people, and see what is on their mind. This is one of the greatest skills lost by our generation. Know your surroundings, but know your people first.

Experience the colours of life: going through life believing everything is white or black, though common, is very restricting. Travel helps you experience the in-between that life has on offer. Dance in the blues and greens of planet Earth.

Remove yourself from the bubble: every city in the world has its own unique feel. You remove yourself from the gravitational pull created by your immediate environment and gain a bucket load of perspective. Tuk-Tuk culture, forest dwelling, riding bicycles for FUN??? All of these foreign ideas suddenly seem like something you could imagine doing for the rest of your life.

Find opportunities in everything you do: we often find ourselves operating within the confines of our formal training. The safe route is the road most travelled, but you never know what opportunities the sea brings, without diving into it. The opportunities the sky brings without flying in it, or the opportunities the land brings, without traversing it. The road is long and knowledgeable. Opportunities await. Let’s go get them?

Listen to others: the world is full of interesting people, with even more interesting stories. The more we listen, the more we learn.

Because you improve yourself by…

Broadening your perspective: life is more than just right or wrong. Using all the learning capabilities from above, we manage to understand the concept of perspective while living it.

Valuing experiences above all else; being able to remove yourself from the repetitive cycle life has you on, travel enables us to have an outside-looking-in approach to our lives. The momentary happiness you gain from buying new clothes is far outweighed by the joy of seeing a needy village receive running water.

Understanding the randomness of a situation: it’s easy to sit at home, and make assumptions on the everyday life experienced by others. There is no substitute for the first-hand experience. Seeing the world will change how you see the world. This is a FACT!

Meeting new people: learning about different cultures has a tendency to open your eyes.

Improving your confidence: at first, you’re nervous. You’re far away from home and are struggling to come to grips with your new environment. However, something is changing. You seem to be relaxing a bit more. Every step you take, you gain a bit more confidence. It’s noticeable.

You experience…

Adventure!: The beauty of the world or the moments it has to offer are never-ending. In the mountains, oceans, deserts, you will have adventures that will blow your mind. You will find yourself living in a documentary, narrated by David Attenborough, as you wander through the wilderness of life.

Food!: New things to taste. New things to smell. All food prejudices out the window. Trying bizarre and delightful local cuisines is always high on a travellers list of favourites. Step out of your food comfort zone.

People! Your Facebook friend list extends globally. New people enter your life with new opinions. Lifelong friendships are often created in the confines of a hostel, while seeking shelter during a summer downpour in Asia (or Africa, or South America).

Traveling is more than seeing a historic building or museum. It changes both you and your circle. You learn, you improve, you experience.  

Happy Travels!

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