Top 5 Cities to Experience The Best of Kenya

Kenya is an amazing country with the best of everything. The country offers a wide range of cultures and fascinating destination. It is a place where you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

We’ve selected 5 best cities to experience the best of Kenya; these cities are rated by combination of factors like urban scenery, art and architecture, beautiful attractions, housing facilities and good amenities.

1. Nairobi

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Afrcia.

Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi thrives with energy just like any other modern city in the world, complete with the fast paced city life. A city that never seems to sleep, Nairobi thrives with energy and excitement and a cosmopolitan place where you will find all kinds of people of different tribes and races.

Life in Nairobi is quite fast paced unlike other cities around Kenya, many people travel from other parts of Kenya to Nairobi in the hopes of seeking greener pastures hence making it a bit crowded. Living in Nairobi is quite affordable, as long as one knows how to get around the city. The city has a lot going on for itself, with a very lively cultural scene, amazing festivals, great restaurants and an exciting nightlife, it’s never a dull moment in this great city.

Many people from various towns seek to get job opportunities in Nairobi, hence making it a bit challenging, but depending on one’s qualifications getting a job in Nairobi is not impossible. Crime in the city is quite high, hence one needs to be careful while walking around Nairobi at night, and avoid places alleys around the central business district. Traffic can get frustrating in Nairobi, and it’s always best to leave early to avoid it. The only city with a National Park, surrounding it, Nairobi is quite a unique and lovely to experience what Kenya has to offer.

2. Kisumu

Kisumu-on-Flickr Photo Source: Richard Portsmouth

One of the fastest growing cities in Kenya, Kisumu is slowly becoming a popular city to live in. Home to breath taking sunsets, bird sanctuaries and National Parks, the beautiful city located in the shores of Lake Victoria has many attractions to explore. Unlike Nairobi, life in Kisumu is a bit more relaxed, making it a great city to live in.

Although Kisumu is not as cosmopolitan as Nairobi, many have opted to move to this city as job opportunities are a bit easier to come by. The “boda bodas” around make the city a bit chaotic, but they are the easiest mode of transport to get around town. Life in Kisumu is not quite expensive, especially when it comes to housing. The city is relatively safe, although areas such as Kondele are best avoided at night. The calming and peaceful nature of Kisumu is like no other.

3. Mombasa

Mombasa     Photo Source: rguha

The lovely coastal city of Mombasa, home to white sandy beaches, lovely weather all year round and friendly hospitable people. Mombasa has beautiful sights and activities to entertain you, from deep sea-diving; exploring the unchanged historical sites that have remained untouched with time, life in Mombasa is quite exciting!

Life in Mombasa is quite slow and relaxing. The city is relatively safe and easy to get by especially with the “tuk tuks” around. Housing and food in Mombasa is very affordable as well and getting work in Mombasa is not quite hard compared to other cities in Kenya.  A fascinating, enchanting city to live in, Mombasa is bound to make your experience worthwhile.

4. Nakuru

Nakuru     Photo Source: Ray Morris

The fourth largest urban town in Kenya, Nakuru is rapidly growing into a city of its own. Home to beautiful lakes and National Parks, Nakuru has quite amazing scenery that will take your breath away.

Life in Nakuru is relaxed and easy to get by, with very affordable housing and fresh produce in plenty. Just like any other place, job opportunities are hard to come by, but with a bit of effort one is bound to get one. Nakuru is a lovely town to live in away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

5. Eldoret

A beautiful town located in Western Kenya, Eldoret is slowly growing to become a lovely town to settle in. With a cool climate, and breathtaking landscapes, life in Eldoret is slow paced and easy to get by.

Life in Eldoret is very affordable compared to other cities in Kenya. With fresh food, fresh milk and cheap housing around getting by is quite easy. A very peaceful town to live in, Eldoret is an amazing town to explore.

As in any city, you make your life for yourself. If you see a silver lining in every cloud, you will be fine no matter which city you decide to explore.


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  1. 4/5. I have their experiences especially Nairobi is my daily experience.

  2. KSM all the way. I love that city

  3. With the advent of the devolved government, i think it is a noble thing to consider other upcoming cities. Kericho is one of those rising up. This town is found in the south rift. It has a very conducive environment sorrounded by multi-national tea estates. It also has gud scenery places to visit. Everything is cheaper as compared to those big cities mentioned. I dare you pple to visit and you shal never regret.

  4. You should sample Kisii too.

  5. There is an economic revolution in Kenya.

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  8. Kisumu city I love the town.

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