The Miracles of Mama Africa

“It’s a big world out there, go explore.”

Every day, we discover and learn something new. Learning is a part of who we are, you can’t just stay still and evolve. Evolving comes with learning, discovering and feeling. We all know that Mama Africa has plenty of gorgeous, marvellous places but we took our chance with only a few of them. These are for you to see, learn and discover both yourself & Mama Africa again at these unrealistic and beautiful places.

After reading this, start your journey with its first step. Go ahead it’s time to travel!

Sossusvlei Desert, Namibia

Photo Credit: Catho Bruxelles

Address: Sossusvlei, Namibia

Review: by Daniela Ott on Facebook

“We’ve been there a long time ago… one of the most beautiful places in

Time to enjoy the sunset on the red sands!

Sossusvlei is one of UNESCO’s world heritage. As the sun rises higher, the reflection of the desert becomes more intense in the Sossusvlei desert. You can either choose to go with a tour or with a 4WD with your friends or family.  When you arrive, after some point you have to walk on the sand so you must be wearing proper shoes for this trip to avoid sliding on the sand. This “worth to visit place”, is surrounded by high red dunes which you should climb as much as you can to enjoy this stunning view.

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Address: Ngorongoro, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

Review: by AuntieMRA on TripAdvisor
Crater is Beautiful

So many animals. So many vistas. The sunrise here is spectacular. It feels like nowhere else on earth. Visit if you can!”

The crater is the world’s biggest inactive, unfilled and intact volcanic caldera. The name of Ngorongoro Crater comes from one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. Around 25,000 animals live in the crater and home to the critically endangered black rhino. The crater is also home to Masai lions most population. We suggest visiting on mid-afternoon. This gives you the opportunity to see the crater on the golden hour and sunset that paint the crater to varieties of green and blue colours. It’s a picturesque view for all of us and definitely worth to visit!

The Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

Photo Credit: Redfernadventures

Address: 8 Rt, Morondava 619, Madagascar

Review: by Jack D. On TripAdvisor

“Picture Perfect

This is a must-see experience if travelling to Madagascar. Sunset is the best time to be there for the fantastic pictures. It is hard to believe that the baobabs grew this way naturally, but they did. We enjoyed this and took so many great pictures.”

Baobabs Avenue is also known as the “tree of life.” They can live up to 5,000 years and reach a height of up to 30 meters. The oldest you can see is 800 years old! Baobabs Avenue can be reached from the city of Morondava. To get to Morondova you can take a 20-25 minute drive from Antananarivo-the capital-or rent a car with a private driver. There’s a chance to get there on public transport, but it’s not recommended due to the road difficulties. The Avenue is very unique and will surely take away your breath. The red sunset on the trees is absolutely priceless and picturesque. 

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Photo Credit: Bookmundi

Address: Serengeti, Tanzania

Review: by Jill Finnerty Ricardo on TripAdvisor

“Trip of a lifetime

Serengeti National Park is an unbelievable experience. It is difficult to put into words because every moment was like a dream come true. Seeing all the animals in their natural habitat spoke to the heart in ways I can’t express. Lions, cheetahs, elephant, giraffe, zebra, hippo, wildebeest, eagles, leopard, hyena….we truly saw the circle of life. It was amazing.”

Serengeti National Park is a Tanzanian national park in the Serengeti ecosystem on Simiyu region. It’s known for The Great Wildebeest Migration and its abundance of animals. It’s home to wildebeests, zebras, Nile crocodiles honey badgers and many more. It’s a very long road from Arusha centre to Serengeti National Park. On this 335 km road, we advise making stops on the way. There are also a variety of tours and safaris. At this home of beautiful animals, you can also have a perfect moment of sunset.

Omo National Park and River, Ethiopia 

Photo Credit: akspic

Address: Jinka 1018, Ethiopia

Review: by Tuti Mesfin on TripAdvisor

“Omo National Park was great!!!!

I have been to Omo national park several times with my Client, the landscape was so amazing we found it great. I really love this place I highly recommended the Omo national park”

The Omo National park and the Mago National Park is divided by the Omo River, on the west and east banks at the lower area of Omo Valley.

There are two options to get to the Omo National Park on its east bank; one is with special tours and the other way if you plan to go on your own is with a fully equipped 4WD. The park is 870km southwest of the Addis. The Mursi, Sure, Nyangatom, Dizi and Me’en are the native people living in the area. We do suggest to contact with the locals to learn their culture and to hear their stories.

Benguerra Island, Mozambique

Photo Credit: Kuoni

Address: Mozambique

Review: by Jacques Michau on Facebook

“Perfection! Could not be happier in this little bit of paradise!”

Benguerra Island, a beautiful tropical paradise which is one of the islands of Bazaruto Archipelago, is one of Mozambique’s popular tourist destinations. Benguerra Island is situated in the beautiful Indian Ocean, with its wonderful white sandy beaches and a beautiful quiet atmosphere–this is a rare thing to see, an exotic dream island to spend time in. In the vicinity, there is much to do. Snorkelling is considered to be a necessity because the ocean around the island is home to a marvellous variety of sea lives. You can also go windsurfing, sailing or diving which are is also rewarding for the more experienced or eagerly learners.

Lake Malawi, Malawi

Photo Credit: Xray Mag

Address: Lake Malawi

Review: by Subhash Thakur on TripAdvisor

“Lake Malawi is a beautiful place. There is a lot of fun like boating scuba diving etc. That lake is famous for clean water.”

“The warm heart of Africa.”

Lake Malawi is more like a sea than a lake and the heartbeat of the country with tides and beaches. Lake Malawi is also referred to as the Calendar Lake, which is 365 kilometres long and 52 miles wide and covers more than a third of the country’s mass. You can select air, rail or ground transportation in order to reach Lake Malawi. Lakeside living areas have water transportation. There are tons of activities available to keep you busy, like horseback riding, kayaking and scuba. It’s a great place to dive! Lake Malawi has more freshwater fish than any other lake in the world, some of them you won’t find anywhere else.

Roman Ruins of Djamila, Algeria

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Address: Djemila, Algeria

Review: by Nesligul D on TripAdvisor

“Djemila means beautiful in Arabic and no word can explain this place better. In perfect harmony with the nature around it, these ruins and the museum nearby are one of the most impressive old towns I have ever seen. Everyone in the group shared this opinion. The general appearance of the old town, the temples, the theatre, the Roman baths and the beautiful mosaics in the museum make this place a unique one.”

“Lonely Planet has described Djemila as one of the world’s great archaeological sites.”

Djémila, formerly known as Cuicul in the ancient world, is one of the largest treasures of the country in the Roman Empire. It is amongst the rolling green hills and a varied landscape. The Romans set up Djémila as a guarantee in the first century AD to control the success of the agricultural region. This is one of Algeria’s 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The closest place to get to Djemila from is Sétif which is located 46km away and 90 minutes of a bus ride on every 4 hours.

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Photo Credit: Kenya Experience

Address: Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Review: by Nicholas M. Richards on TripAdvisor

“We visited lake Nakuru game park for an evening game drive and it was a fantastic experience, from nice and hospitable Safari guide to awesome views of wildlife even managed to spot endangered White Rhino.”

Lake Nakuru is one of the soda lakes in Central Kenya’s Rift Valley. It only takes 2,5 hours from Nairobi centre which makes it so easy to jump on a 4WD and connect with Mama Africa. Lake Nakuru is home to a large number of species which what it makes it so perfect for safaris!  Lake Nakuru is a perfect place to get away from the city’s crowd and get together with the lives that lie behind golden bushes; zebras, impalas, wild rhinos, baboons, giraffes and flamingos! The list goes on like this, why don’t you treat yourself with a perfect weekend in the arms of nature!


Mama Africa is home to a lot of places that are quite magical, historical and of course beautiful. If you wish to see Mama Africa from another perspective, now it’s just the right time. Go on safaris, swim in the Indian Ocean, learn about the past and focus on discovering your true-self between these unrealistic, fascinating places.

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