15 Of The Most Beautiful Lodges In Kenya

As one of the most beautiful countries in the continent, and indeed the Planet, Kenya is literally bursting at the seams with touristic attractions. From low lying plains riddled with grasslands and a plethora of wildlife, to high hanging mountain ranges that will drive shivers down the spine, this gorgeous country simply does not know how to be subtle about her picturesque bounty.

Travelling through this vast land will give you a chance to see some of the most exotic animals unique to Africa and some of the most beautiful scenes unique to Kenya. But every weary traveler needs a place to hang their rucksack and put their feet up at night. And for that, Kenya is not short of options. This country is home to some of the most breath-taking lodges you will ever have the pleasure of visiting. Here are 15 of the most beautiful lodges in Kenya:

Solio Lodge, Laikipia

Solio Lodge

Photo Source: Thesafaricollection.com

Solio Lodge offers you that gracious blend between luxury, privacy and simple living. For starters, the Lodge is located in one of the most peaceful regions of Central Kenya; the huge rooms leave nothing to chance. Attention is paid to every single detail, from the furnishing to the glass-walled showers and the insanely comfortable beds. The in-house chef will dazzle your palette as the surroundings toy with your vision.

Address: Laikipia, Kenya

Borana Lodge, Laikipia

Borana Logde

Photo Source: Borana.co.ke

Rustic stone and thatch cottages with a view of Mt.Kenya that can only be described as ecstatic. If you tire of looking into the heavens, then you can take in the Laikipia Plateau that is at your optical disposal from the very same lodges. Luxury, a view to die for, extravagance, privacy and space that is what Borana Lodge offers. Visit: Borana Lodge

Address:  Samangua Valley, Laikipia

Ol Donyo Wuas Lodge, Chyulu Hills

Ol Donyo Wuas

Perfectly perched on the hillside, Ol Donyo Wuas can be found at Chyulu Hills National Park. This vantage point gives her guests unparalleled views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Six stand alone villas and ten expansive guest suites make this lodge one of the best accommodation facilities in the region. The amenities are nothing short of outstanding; flush toilets, indoor and outdoor showers, private swimming pools and rooftop star-beds ensure that you have all you need to enjoy your stay here. Visit: Ol Donyo Wuas

Address: Kiambu District, Kenya

Sosian Lodge, Laikipia Highlands


Photo Source: Nanyuki.com

Built in the 40’s, Sosian Lodge has recently been restored and is now a beautiful version of the ancient ranch house that stood in its place. With the capacity for 14 people, Sosian Lodge is a quaint little retreat located in the serenity of Laikipia highlands. Not only are the cottages private, but they are also luxuriously decorated. What makes Sosian stand out from the crowd is that they offer you a private game viewing experience far from the regular National Park restrictions.

Address: Laikipia, Kenya

Ol Tukai Lodge, Amboseli


Photo Source: Wikimedia

Ol Tukai Lodge is massive. With 80 luxuriously designed chalet-style twin rooms, this facility offers her guests gorgeous views of Mt.Kilimanjaro and the surrounding wetlands. With individual terraces, private baths and even wheelchair accessibility, Ol Tukai Lodge is the perfect destination for anyone looking to have a peaceful stay in Amboseli. Visit: Ol Tukai Lodge

Address: Rift Valley, Kenya

Sunbird Lodge, Lake Elementaita

Sunbird Lodge

Photo Source: Sunbirdkenya.com

This beautiful lodge located on the shores of Lake Elementaita is small, exclusive and absolutely worth it. Being a Lake shore facility, Sunbird Lodge offers you spectacular views of Lake Elementaita from your very own private veranda. The cottages are spacious, luxuriously decorated, have private bathrooms, a safe and King size beds. If exclusivity is what you are after, you will find it here. Visit: Sunbird Lodge

Address: Nakuru, Kenya

Voi Wildlife Lodge, Voi

Voi Wildlife Lodge

Photo Source: Voiwildlifelodge.com

This is where you go if you want to see elephants. Voi Wildlife Lodge is nestled smack in the middle of ‘Elephant country’ (Tsavo East). It is the perfect lodge if you want to get a feel of the Kenyan Coastal weather and her legendary Bush life. All the rooms are luxuriously decorated in exotic African themes, all the balconies offer you a wonderful view into the expansive savannah and the service is absolutely world class. Visit: Voi Wildlife Lodge

Address: Tsavo, Kenya

Castle Forest Lodge, Kerugoya

Castle Forest Lodge

Photo Source: Wordedveil Blog

Castle Forest Lodge gives you an opportunity to experience Mt.Kenya as the locals do. Situated on the serene slopes to the South of this African giant, Castle Forest Lodge gives you two opposing views; one of the slopes steadily making their way down the mountain into the valleys and another of the mountain peak that reveals Kenya’s roof to anyone keen enough. The cottages are beautifully decorated, have fireplaces for your warmth and romance and the grounds offer unlimited camping space for those who wish to sojourn with nature. Visit: Castle Forest Lodge

Address: Kirinyaga District, Kenya

Rusinga Island Lodge, Lake Victoria

Rusinga Island Lodge

This is privacy re-invented. There are very few lodges in Kenya quite like Rusinga Island Lodge. From exceptionally luxurious rooms, to impeccable service and views of Lake Victoria that you have to behold to believe, Rusinga Island Lodge simply gives you the best of Western Kenya. Visit: Rusinga Island Lodge

Address:  Nyanza, Kenya

Emakoko Lodge, Nairobi

emakoko guest house

This is for those of us who want to live the city life behind, but don’t want to travel too far from it. Emakoko is a luxury lodge by the Mbagathi River. It borders Nairobi National Park is built to artistic perfection. This family run lodge has some of the best amenities to be found in the Nairobian wild. ; from lavishly decorated rooms, wonderful terraces and amazing service. The best part is that you get to drive through the park to get to it. Visit: Emakoko Lodge

Address: Nairobi National Park,Kenya

Leopard Rock Lodge, Meru

cottageroom - Leopard Rock Lodge

You simply cannot beat Meru National Park when it comes to peaceful seclusion that offers you a chance to see white rhinos in the wild. This grand park has an assortment of beautiful camps and lodges. One of which is Leopard Rock Lodge. The lodge is unfenced, which means you actually can get to interact with the wildlife. The accommodation is nothing short of spectacular and the amenities are simply fit for Kings and Queens. Visit: Leopard Rock Lodge

Address: Meru National Park, Kenya

The Sleeping Warrior Lodge, Elementaita

Sleeping Warrior Lodge

Photo Source: Sleepingwarriorkenya.com

Less than 30km from Nakuru town and surrounded by nothing but raw African jungle and beauty, The Sleeping Warrior is one of the premier lodges Kenya has to offer. Mostly because it accords her visitors one of the finest views in the country and because it offers two different options when it comes to accommodation. The lodge itself is set on a hill-top (the panoramic view here is simply unmatched). The second option is a tented camp that gives you a chance to sit back and enjoy the great outdoors while taking in the grand view. Visit: Sleeping Warrior Lodge

Address: Elmenteita, Kenya

Fishing Lodge Guest House, Southern Aberdare


Photo Source: Kws.org

This is a lodge with a difference. It caters to a certain kind of traveler. The kind that wants their peace; the kind that wants to fish and the kind that wants to be comfortable while doing all this. Each cabin has a spacious sitting room, two en suite bathrooms, a dinning area and a kitchen. It is run by KWS and you can get your fishing license at the park gate. Come try your hand at catching trout while you gaze at the amazing waterfalls and enjoy the moorland scenery. Visit: Fishing Lodge

Address:  Central highlands west of Mount Kenya

Treetops Lodge, Nyeri

Treetops Lodge

Photo Source: Aberdaresafarihotels.co.ke

Treetops has actually had royalty stay within the facility; it is that good. Of course, the rooms are lavishly decorated, your privacy is guaranteed and it is located in one of the most serene places in Nyeri. Strategically built in front of a salt lick and a watering hole, Treetops is the perfect lodge to visit when you want an up close, uninterrupted view of elephants, Rhinos, buffaloes and a host of other majestic African game. Visit: Treetops Lodge

Address: Nyeri Main Rd, Nyeri, Kenya

Ashnil Aruba Lodge, Tsavo East

Asnil Aruba

Photo Source: Ashnilhotels.com

Only two hours from the sparkling Kenyan Coast, Ashnil Aruba Lodge is perfectly located in Tsavo East National Park. When people speak of luxury in the wild, they speak of Ashnil Aruba. With some of the best deluxe en suite rooms, 6 luxury tents and two rooms specifically built for the disabled, Ashnil Aruba has it all. With a beautiful swimming pool, a world class restaurant and a lounge bar, enjoying the African wild has never been so rewarding. Visit: Ashnil Aruba Lodge

Address: Voi, Kenya

Kenya is an undoubtedly beautiful country. Even more so when you view it from the comfort of a luxury lodge built with you in mind. Go ahead, travel this gorgeous land and sample some of the finest lodges available. Life is too short for you to live in discomfort.

Have you visited any of these lodges? Or have you visited any other lodge not listed here but worth mentioning? Share your luxury experiences with us in the comment section below.

Our Readers Comments

  1. Waiting fir next trip to Sunbird Elmentaita & Treetops Aberdare

  2. Av been to Voi wildlife lodge and the experience was awesome, if you want to see elephants of the Tsavo I would highly recommend Voi wildlife lodge

  3. I think your article is .. your heading should read best lodges for Whites… You do know and if you don’t you should have known that some of the lodges highlighted do not accept Kenyan citizens..

    Lodges in Lakipia are notorious for this even if truth be told they are run by white settlers whose parents and grandparents stole local people’s land brought in a lion or 2 and now call the place a conservatory which majority of Kenyans can’t access or afford.

    Why don’t you try book a room as a Kenyan citizen coming for a weekend… They are always full once they ask you where you are calling from and if you are a citizen… Information that’s unnecessary since they don’t even do citizen rates so why should it matter where am calling from. Maybe the drop in tourism will encourage a shift & embrace local tourism but lodges in Lakipia & Malindi remain nasty horrible racist places

    • Absolutely right Angela. The truth can never be told better. Solio is in my neighbourhood but i never got anywhere near it. The electric fences give enough security from the locals unfortunately not the poachers. Maybe if they opene doors to indigenous kenyans the people would “own” the animals and protect them like they have done at Mugie(Mutamaiyu lodge) in maralal.

    • Angela, what a narrow minded response. It’s irrelevant who runs the lodges, anyone can stay as long as they pay. Most places are out of reach for the majority of Kenyans, including residents who may or may not be citizens, but then most of these lodges are catering for the foreign tourists who can afford such luxury. It’s the same the world over, nothing to do with racism.

    • Angela – I’m Kenyan and your post is a load of racist rubbish. I’ve stayed at a few of those places in Laikipia, I’m going this weekend to Castle Forest, Kerugoya, etc. They’re fully welcoming and accepting of Kenyans. I find your remarks are part of a problem that tries to perpetuate race issues. Don’t be part of the problem my Dear. Surely you’re smarter than that?

    • You are very correct Angela.

      I have been a victim of this till I gave up on Laikipia as a holiday ground for me and my family.

    • Hi, please name and shame those inherently racist lodges that refuse and/or will not accommodate Kenyans or black people for that matter. Its shocking to live in a country where some places are a no go zone and a complaint should be put to the Kenya Tourist Board and other bodies concerned!

    • I’m sorry you have had such a terrible experience Angela. In my experience, most of these lodges treat all their guests well. That being said, I agree with you, our standards of service need to be improved, not just towards locals, but towards every patron. Regardless of race.

      With the advent of social media, people have become increasingly opinionated and open about their experiences. Any of these lodges mistreating patrons will soon find themselves in the wrong kind of spotlight.

    • What a load of complete and utter Rubbish Angela …… you are the one being completely racist. What a shame …you have obviously not been to these Lodges which happily cater for everyone regardless of your skin color , …feel sorry for you !!

  4. It is so pleasing to see that at least one African country has kept their lodges and hotels and resorts up to the standards of the rest of the world. As i was Born in Kenya I have seen Quite a few of them but would like to return to some that I have not seen. what are the nightly costs for the majority of them

  5. An excellent review of Kenya’s best lodges. THANK YOU. We found Lake Baringo Lodge unique situated as it was on a remote island with permanent dining and lounge area with swimming pool on the highest point with outstanding views and with room for lovely walks and boat trips to study the amazing bird life at close quarters. Not sure if still as well run as it used to be.
    Also the Mt. Kenya Safari Lodge….spectacular, luxurious and with own 9 hole golf course, riding , bowling green, etc. You name it, they’ve got it!
    Congratulations on your enterprise. Harold.

  6. very good information, would like to see some of them. some i have experienced. thnx. SKB

  7. I would love to visit voi wildlife and castle kerugoya
    They look awosome

  8. Good information, i like the good article about the lodges in kenya, i am looking forward to vising one of them this holiday. thank you for the information

  9. Beautiful I would like to pay a visit

  10. I would like to visit treetops.i was born around there but never got a chance

  11. They all look fabulous, in particular The Emakoko, with the added advantage of being so close to Nairobi with easy access to the airport and a game drive on the way!!

  12. Good one,you forgot two wonderful Eco-lodge I have visited,Mutara in Laikipia and Kisumu Impara eco-lodge,they are breath taking worthy destination to visit.

  13. Great summary of the lodges with the best views across the country, Kenya. Quite informative

  14. This gives justice to the beauty and wonder that many Kenyan destinations : I love travelling and I am inspired to visit each of these places at some point in time.
    We cant look elsewhere . There is enough variety for a life time …here in Kenya.

  15. I really love the rusinga island lodge ,I’m looking forward to visit the place

  16. Kindly indicate the costs per night.Good work

  17. I’m profoundly disturbed by Angela’s comment dated 24/05/2015 on the issue raised concerning blatant racism by some lodges in Laikipia and Malindi! This is a matter which should be dealt with all seriousness deserved, for crying out loud! Its also equally disappointing that no follow up comments have deliberated a debate on the matter, so I’ve initiated one. If indeed true, it would only be prudent for Angela to furnish a list of those lodges and/or hotels that accord ill treatment of that sort as it is undeserving for anyone to be denied accommodation on basis of colour and I will be at the forefront to put them to a challenge!

  18. Thank you all for the great comments and for adding on the list. Glad you like it. Keep it here for better coverage of the best destinations within and without Kenya.

    • World most beautiful country -Kenya !! Karibu !!

  19. Sarova shaba lodge in shaba game reserve. It is unique in the bush. It uis clasy made

  20. Having been to Kenya quite a few times, I am pleased to see this list as it covers places of various price points. Ashnil properties? best value for money in my books! They are my home away from home.

  21. loved Lake Baringo Island camp but generally prefer the smaller and simpler- the review of Oltukai really upset me as when I knew it there were small huts, each with a wood stove- and you only got hot water if the elephants had not taken the kindling from the fire that heated the tank. It was paradise

  22. Clearly you haven’t been rhinowatch lodge Nyeri.

  23. I have been to more than 100 Lodges and Tented camps in Kenya, I would agree with 50% of the lodges you have mentioned but trust me, there are so many other amazing places and lodges in Kenya. Did visit any in Masai Mara.? Olarro, Mara Engai, Saruni etc

  24. We welcome all – from Kenyan citizens to overseas clients, to join us for a family home from home getaway. A wide range of prices offered to suit a variety of pocket sizes. Situated in the Rift Valley near Lake Nakuru National Park. Your own private cottage with a personal service.

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