The road is filled with all sorts of surprises and excitement. If you are traveling alone, you will have more excuse to meet new people and learn new things. Is this concept really a feared thing that scares people who have not travelled alone before? Let’s be a little more specific; is it possible to travel alone as a woman? In history, many women have accomplished this and shared their stories. Robyn Davidson (1977) walked alone in the desert with camels, Jeanne Baret (1766) travelled the world on a ship pretending to be a male. The first African-American female pilot Bessie Coleman (1921) flew the Americas, Laura Dekker (2009) went to England from Holland on a tiny boat at the age of 13… alone…

We were curious to know if there are more recent ladies who have the same adventurous. Similar people leading Similar lives. Once you hear the life stories of the 8 brave women below, you will know the answer to be a resounding YES; history is not the only place you will find female travellers.

The first traveler we will talk about is Kenyan. Proudly:

1-Wangechi Gitahi

World Citizen

Kenyan born, Wangechi believes she is a citizen of the world, and rightly so. This incredible traveller, and entrepreneur, says she prefers to experience the world solo as it lets her experience life at her own pace. Her travel tips range from packing to hair care and are a must read if you’re planning a trip. Having seen a huge chunk of the globe, Wangechi started her business to help others see and love the world as she does. Need a travel buddy, want a personalised trip? Don’t you worry, Wangechi has you covered!

2- Sara Melotti (questforbeauty)

The journey from the fashion world to the real beauty

Sara was born in Italy and chose New York to start her career. After 3 years of fashion photography, she realized something was wrong. The photographs she took and the profile of the women she presented did not reflect the truth. It was a turning point to see the women around her that were unhappy with themselves and their bodies; problems created by societal pressures, making perfect women feel awful. The model physique and the photoshopping did not reflect reality and encouraged a woman profile that could not exist. She resigned from her job and started to travel. Her goal was to find and photograph true beauty. Her project ‘Quest for Beauty’ re-shaped her perception of beauty.

Sara’s is a story of one who resigned from her well-earning job, hit the road, signed a social project, and destroyed the safe zone without fear. There is no excuse this life is yours for the taking.

3- Nastasia Yakoub (DameTraveler)

Would not be held down by a career-ending injury

As a child of a Middle Eastern Catholic family, Nastasia moved to Chicago and studied nursing instead of getting married as expected. After graduating from nursing school, Nastasia, forced to stay in bed for a year due to a back problem, learned she was not able to work anymore. An enormous hit to morale, she made the decision to make the most of what she had been dealt. She started a project called ‘Dame Traveller’ to encourage women from all walks of life to share their stories. She and her followers all agree; nothing should stop you from travelling.

4- Michaela Noroc

The Atlas of Beauty

Her project going viral shot Michaela right into the spotlight. The fame could have changed everything for Michaela, but you’ll still find her roughing it out in the backpacking lifestyle. An avid photographer, Michaela would always put her passion aside to make ends-meat; until one day, 27-year-old Michaela decided to throw her life into a backpack and explore the world with only her passion as the company. We now applaud her efforts as she photographs women from all across the globe, to a massive audience.

5- Mahzad Elyassi 

Get inspired by the stories shared by this solo Iranian traveller

Mazhad, an Iranian traveller, who studied anthropology, has been on the road since 2015. Despite all the obstacles life has sent her way; when everyone around her said it was too dangerous to travel alone, she only listened to what her heart was telling her. She now serves as an inspiration to others who were always too afraid to even consider travelling solo.

6- Julie

“A Not So Young Woman Abroad”

Julie’s blog was born out her desire to find advice for people her age travelling solo; this proved to be difficult, not so much anymore – Thanks, Julie! Married and a mother of two when she was 23, Julie put her children first; now they’re old enough to fend for themselves, it’s Julie time. Choosing to ignore travel guides and companies, Julie lives for the surprises her solo travelling brings. 

7- Jasmine Reese

A dog, a violin, a bicycle

And that’s how the Jasmine story began; what a story it is. A teenager who grew up in the city, never experiencing the joy of camping, Jasmine started her journey of self-realisation. With $50 in her pocket and her eyes filled with excitement, Jasmine set off – she uses music to bring people together, to inspire, to help young people like herself realise their dreams. A truly incredible story that has found Jasmine firmly in our hearts.

8- Traveler Auntie Ayşe


Forgetting her camera in her car while hitchhiking, Auntie Ayse went viral when the couple tried to find her with the pictures she had taken. Social media took its course, and we now have a new favourite Auntie. What better way to end off our article with inspiration in its purest form?

“Society thinks grannies should sit at home looking after her grandson. I do not think the same. They criticize me, but I just take the positive aspects”; says Ayse.

Treat everyone equally is her message. No judgement, only love.



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