6 Stunning African Islands Where Love Grows

Africa is infamous for more than just being a field trip destination; the continent is also home to stunning tropical islands, which are rich in natural beauty, adventure and romance. These islands are destinations where people grow into love and love grows into them.

The fanciful notion of a quiet and romantic African tropical holiday arouses you with images of amorous strolls on the beach, relaxing while you read a romantic novel and sip your favourite cocktail, watching the sunset and enjoying a soundless picture-perfect dinner with your loved one on the deck, overlooking the ocean.

We know that the daily grind of work and life commitments can put us into a deep gulley. So why not escape the hustle and bustle of the city and indulge yourself in a romantic break. Here are 6 stunning African Islands where love grows, a visit to any of these islands will put you into a pleasant mood and help you find love even when you least expect.

1. Mumbo Island, Malawi

Mumbo Island, Malawi

Photo Source: Sarah Isaacs on Flickr

Mumbo Island lies in the Lake Malawi National Park in Malawi. The unique attractions of the island are its extraordinary sightseeing, underwater boulders, peaceful environment which is suitable for people who want to escape from the contemporary world. The island is well-known for its laid-back lifestyle and you can spend time here, falling in love with life and indulging in many recreational activities. For amazing accommodation, you can stay at Mumbo Island Camp. If you love water sports, you are in the right place; you could go snorkelling or scuba diving. Mumbo Island is the land of untainted beauty, it has never been crowded and no other island can offer you best ocean experience like it does. Visit: Mumbo Island

2. São Tomé Island

Sao Tome

Photo Source: STP_Principe_Island on Flickr

Love blossoms in a pristine and fascinating African Island like São Tomé Island. If you want to explore nature’s immense beauty and splendour, a visit to São Tomé Island will make you realize that there is so much to discover in Africa. São Tomé Island is an exotic destination, located in São Tomé and Príncipe, which is the smallest state in Africa. This is the best place to be for a relaxed holiday and enjoy nature and fun to the fullest.

3. Islands of Mauritius


Mauritius is always a place to be. Whenever people think about this island, they get a wishful look on their faces. It is a true paradise island where love can inevitably grow. The island lies in the Indian Ocean, located about 800km to the east of Madagascar. The island is amazingly beautiful with sparkling surrounding, wonderful beaches and pristine clear waters containing a variety of coral species. Mauritius Island has an unforgettable underwater experience with amazing sightseeing attractions. Staying in Mauritius is luxurious; you get to enjoy the best seafood and accommodation.

4. Praslin Island, Seychelles

Praslin Island, Seychelles

Praslin is Africa’s most beautiful island. If you are planning a holiday in the sun on exotic tropical islands, you should probably visit Praslin. The island is surrounded by smaller islands of Seychelles and located about 45 Km north east of Mahe, the largest island of Seychelles. It’s been said that Praslin Island has one of the best beaches in the world. The island is renowned for its incredible wildlife, seafood restaurants, and undulating rocky scenery. It’s very difficult to visit this island and not fall in love with its natural beauty and even find true love in the process. For memories that will last a lifetime, stay in one of the luxurious accommodation on the island, spend time in the water, relax by the beach, take boat trips and indulge in water sport activities.

5. Djerba Island


There is a saying that love comes from unexpected places. You will be amazed at what you can find in Djerba, the largest island in Tunisia and North Africa which lies in the Gulf of Gabès. Djerba Island is indeed a paradise, flourishing with twinkling white beaches, mesmeric historical remains, orange orchards, floras and olive saplings. The island is speckled with outstanding rectangular outclassed houses which are known as Menzels. The Star Wars film location has a variety of beautiful resorts and relaxing surrounding. For the best island experience, you should visit Djerba Island.

6. Zanzibar

Zanzibar, Beaches

The fragrant scents of spices which hung in the temperate tropical air of Zanzibar gives people amorous feelings. The aroma of the island is not the only attraction, the beautiful beaches, turquoise blue waters, luxurious resorts, lively culture, wide-ranging wildlife and picturesque scenes are awe-inspiring. Zanzibar is a sovereign part of Tanzania in East Africa. Zanzibar is in fact the best hidden gem of the Indian Ocean, full of massive coral reefs, which extend down the coast. The African island is the best place to find true relaxation and love, it is private, relaxing and heavenly.

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  1. We stayed at the Serena on the beach in Zanzibar. Live serenades every night. Not to be forgotten.

  2. I think Manda and Lamu islands in Kenya deserve a mention here

    • I agree Lamu and Maasai Mara In Kenya are sights to behold

  3. your missing Kiwayu Island x

  4. Islands of Mauritius is looking so good wish to be there.


  6. Definitely, African islands are the best places for adventure and seeing natural beauty. There are many islands like Vamizi, Quirimba in quirimbas archipelago which are one of the wildest places on the earth. These can also be considered as stunning islands of Africa.

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