14 Best Christmas Cities of Europe

Snowflakes are falling out of the sky and the enticing aroma of gingerbread is in the air. Medieval houses, old markets are churches are romantically lit. Trees are decorated with tinsel angels, wooden nutcrackers, cribs and coloured stars. Yes, Christmas is almost there and Europe looks like a beautiful painting on a white canvas. Cities look even more magical with the spirit of Christmas.

Let’s take a look at the best cities in Europe to experience the real charm of Christmas.

1) Prague

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Czech Republic

The temperature in December: An average of 2°C

Prague has the oldest markets. Old Town Square Christmas Market in Prague is a must-visit to try trdelnik, the popular Czech Christmas desert. After grabbing your trdelnik, you can walk across the Charles Bridge and head to the Castle Hill. You can see the swans on the castle side of the river. One of the best views of Prague is from Castle Hill where you find more Christmas stalls. For the evening you can walk the Vltava River. The city is lighted up with Christmas lights and the view is purely breath-taking.

2) Strasbourg

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The temperature in December: An average of 3°C

Strasbourg is called as the capital of Christmas and 400 years old Christmas markets here are world-famous. The giant Christmas tree in the town square fills you with joy. Christkindelsmarik at Place Broglie is the place to experience the spirit of Christmas.

3) Tallinn

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The temperature in December: An average of 3°C

You can walk through the cobblestone streets and get lost in the charm of the city. Indeed, Tallinn turns into a winter wonderland in December. The sight of the medieval churches clothed with soft, white snow is magical. You can also attend special winter programs in Christmas villages and explore Estonian Open Air Museum. Don’t forget to taste the mulled wine and to enjoy the nightlife of Tallinn.

4) Nuremberg

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The temperature in December: An average of 3°C

“You men and women who once were children, be young again.”

The “Christkind” with blond hair wearing a golden crown opens the market traditionally on the Friday before the first Advent. She welcomes guests to the Nuremberg Market Square. The traditional wares such as handmade Christmas decorations and culinary treats are offered by 180 stalls. Try a glass of Franconian wine with finger-sized grilled sausages.

5) Cologne

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The temperature in December: An average of 4°C

Fresh cinnamon biscuits, mulled wine and baked apples. Christmas in Cologne is a delight for foodies! Cruise River Rhine, cheer your eyes with a concert of Cologne Philharmonic and soak up the atmosphere of Christmas. Cologne promises a merry Christmas!

6) Copenhagen

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The temperature in December: An average of 3°C


In Copenhagen, one can run into massive Christmas markets at every corner of the city. You can enjoy the best street food, discover the old candy factory, visit the majestic gardens of Tivoli. You can as well go ice skating. Check for the Crazy Christmas Cabaret or a pantomime at the old theatre of Glassalen. Don’t miss the apple dumplings as they are all the rave at this time of the year.

7) Wroclaw

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The temperature in December: An average of 1°C

The biggest Christmas market in Poland is in Wroclaw that creates a festive atmosphere in the heart of the city. Many artistic events are introduced here to enhance the atmosphere of Christmas. There’s a stage for performances, mulled wine dispensaries, and the Fairy Tale Forest where animatronic characters behind glass convey fairy tales to wide-eyed children. Christmas in Poland will surely steal your heart away.

8) Vienna

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The temperature in December: An average of 4°C

Vienna is a fantasy-like destination to explore for Christmas in Europe. You can attend a nativity play at St. Peter’s Church or stroll down the streets of Graben and Karntner Strasse to gallop down the most delicious Christmas punches. The traditional Christmas market offers Christmas gifts, Christmas tree decorations, handicrafts, culinary treats, confectionery and warming drinks. The trees in City Hall park radiate a festive glow. The tree of hearts is a special attraction for couples in love. Vienna being one of the best Christmas cities of Europe and keeps warms the hearts of all.

9) London

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The temperature in December: An average of 7°C

Skating is one of the most loved activities during Christmas in London. From the carol concert to the massive celebrations, London has a lot to offer. You can join the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park or see the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square. You will enjoy every bit of the celebrations in London as it turns into a unique destination.

10) Bruges

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The temperature in December: An average of 5°C

Bruges wears its prettiest white dress during Christmas. There is a reason why everyone falls in love with its magical atmosphere. Christmas market in Grote Square is the most famous. Fumes of hot sausages grilling, a good Belgium beer, Christmas treats, Belgian Frites on a fairytale backdrop with the colourful, lit up ginger-bread like buildings lining the square, what a scene to experience!

11) Paris

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The temperature in December: An average of 6°C

Shop windows are aglow with colourful Christmas displays and patisserie shelves groan with seasonal delights.

Trocadéro Square offers many activities and you can have a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. To feel the warm spirit of Christmas, simply walk through the streets of Paris, grab a glass of wine and taste some nice warm crepes. For a fancy dinner, you can try world-famous Moulin Rouge as they organise special dinners and spectacular shows. The traditional dessert of “Bûche de noël“ is a must-try during Christmas in Paris.

12) Vilnius

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The temperature in December: An average of -2°C

The historical land of Vilnius shines with the festivities and everyone cheers up during the large gatherings in the city centre. Christmas Eve Mass at the Basilica of the Vilnius Cathedral leaves anyone feeling elated.

A 3D Christmas tale of the birth of Jesus projected on the walls of the Cathedral. The Christmas tree at Cathedral Square represents the time we should all take to enjoy the holidays together.

13) Dubrovnik

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The temperature in December: An average of 11°C

Imagine yourself visiting an Old Town, dining with locals and enjoying some sausages with some tasty beer, shopping for ornaments and tasting Christmas cookies. Yes, this is exactly what happens in Dubrovnik during Christmas. Several Christmas concerts, events and live music can be found along the Stradun. Doesn’t it sound perfect for Christmas?

14) Madeira

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The temperature in December: An average of 11°C

One of the best music and entertainment scenes are to be found in Madeira. The most unusual artistic, cultural and religious programs are the vital part of their festive mood. Be sure to attend the firework shows, Twelfth Night celebrations and the Funchal Road Race. Madeira is one of the best Christmas cities to celebrate Christmas, it’s guaranteed.

We have taken a quick look at the most famous Christmas destinations all around Europe. If you can picture yourself on a colourful Christmas postcard already with a magical European background, book your flight at earliest to get the best deals.

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