10 Trendy Spots To Check Out In Kisumu

Kisumu has made a name for itself as an entertainment and relaxation hub for residents and visitors alike. Its proximity to Africa’s largest lake by area, Lake Victoria, cements its place on the list of great travel destinations.

The beauty of this city is that there’s something for everyone. With its epically diverse array of activities and locales in mind, from nightlife hotspots to restaurants, you will have the fun of your life in the city.

By the Lakeside, you can choose to fish, kayak or go on an adventure on a boat. Away from the shores, the town comes alive with modern malls, shopping centres, hotels, clubs and residential areas. Here are 10 trendy spots to check out in Kisumu:

1. Samba Marina Club 

Samba Marina

Away from the shores, revellers in the many clubs in Kisumu town continually prove that the town is as hip as it gets. Samba Marina is a trendy spot in the city. The club offers vibrant atmosphere and amazing vibes; you can enjoy a variety of entertainment – music, dance and chill with your friends, while trying out some delicious foods that go great with the local beers and tasteful wines.

2. Dunga Hill Camp

Dunga Hill

Photo Source: Dunga Hill

Dunga Hill Camp is an establishment overlooking Lake Victoria that seeks to offer guests the ultimate lakeside experience, with a touch of modernity. Its proximity to Lake Victoria is a muted promise of breathtaking views and serene ambiance as you enjoy delightful meals of fish. You can attend the music events held there occasionally, or you can opt for boat riding, fishing or kayaking. Better still, you can camp the night away as you watch the lake hoping to spot some hippos. The food is great and there are plenty of drinks for you to gulp as you watch the picturesque sunsets.

3. Buddy’s Bar & Grill

Buddy's Bar & Grill

Photo Source: Buddies Bar & Grill on Facebook

Enjoy a range of culinary delights at Buddy’s Bar & Grill, from contemporary to the local meals. It’s a chic and modern restaurant to experience some of the finest dining in Kisumu. The restaurant offers a variety of menus to suit the time of the day. The bar is fully stocked with cocktails, wines, beers and liquors. If you love pizza, you should have a taste of Buddy’s Pizza made with special ingredients – a whole symphony of unique spices and flavours. The setting and atmosphere is great to meet with friends and it’s a perfect place for a romantic date. Visit: Buddy’s Bar & Grill.

4. Imperial Hotel Kisumu

Imperial Hotel Kisumu

Photo Source: Richard Portsmouth on Flickr

Imperial Hotel Kisumu is as refreshing as it is luxurious. It features stylish rooms and suites, which are lavishly furnished. The hotel offers amazing dining at Victoria Terrace, Florence restaurant and Palms Coffee Shop, contemporary interiors, swimming pool, business centre and fitness centre. The hotel accommodation offers all the luxuries and services you’d expect from a five-star deluxe hotel.  It’s a regular entertainment spot and accommodation retreat for both locals and tourists. Visit: Imperial Hotel Kisumu

5. Dunga Beach 

Dunga beach

Photo Source: Panoramio

Spending time by the beach never seems to get outdated, and Kisumu gives you access to Dunga Beach on Lake Victoria shores. The beach is especially popular for fishing and boat riding, both of which are thrilling adventures. Tranquil waters await you as you row farther from the shore, and the amazing views will make you wish you brought a camera.  If you are very lucky, you can have the vendors by the beach cook the fish you caught. Dunga beach is a great spot to laze around with friends on sunny afternoons.

6. Impala Sanctuary


Photo Source: Kenya.com

Kisumu City has plenty in store for wildlife lovers. While you can spot hippos during boat rides on some sections of the lake, you will have better luck visiting a Park or Reserve. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is known for its herds of Impalas, picnic sites and nature trails. The Sanctuary houses other animals as well including hippos, buffaloes, leopards, monkeys, lions and hyenas.

7. Planet Media Cinema

Planet Media Cinema is a place to be if you want to keep up to date with the latest movies. The cinema is located in the Mega City Mall and the schedule of movies showing can be found online. Be on the lookout for deals and offers from either of the cinemas.

8. West End Shopping Mall

West End Shopping Mall kisumu

Photo Source: West End Shopping Mall on Facebook

Malls are always a great place to hang out with friends and family, and Kisumu hosts a good number of them including the popular shopping spot – The West End Shopping Mall. There are vast rows of mega-stores where shopping needs are met. There are also a wide variety of dining and entertainment options at the mall. The mall is located at the Corner of Got Huma Road And Achieng Oneko Road in Kisumu. Window shopping at the mall is exciting and you don’t have to spend money to enjoy the ambiance of the mall. Visit: The West End Kisumu.

9. Kit Mikayi

Kit Mikayi

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Kit Mikayi is a rock formation off Kisumu-Bondo road, which is popular as a pilgrimage site. If you love the outdoors, then Kit Mikayi is a great place to hike with family or friends. Bring your climbing shoes since some of the rocks are pretty steep, but the scenery is great for photography. Hikes to Homa Hills organized by Kisindi Lodge are another great option.

10. Kisumu Museum

Kisumu Museum

Photo Source: Pkwflickr on Flickr

Kisumu Museum is a great spot to learn about the culture and history of the communities living around the Lake. The collection ranges from live animals to tools and weaponry. There are taped programs on the migration and settling of the Luo and an exhibition of a traditional Luo homestead as well. A visit to the museum is insightful, instructive and fun. Visit: Kisumu Museum.

With plenty of trendy spots to visit, you have no excuse not have fun in Kisumu City. You are bound to leave the Lakeside City excited, fulfilled and with memories that last you a while.

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  1. Very informative piece Annette.
    Great work!

  2. I have been in kisumu 3 years first 2 years looking for pizza and gave up on the 3rd year haviing settled for shenzi pizza from some restaurants and now i find out that buddys has great pizza, and i just moved out of kisumu!!! lifes not fair

  3. Good article, but I wish we got direction to each of the spots mentioned. maybe giving the names of streets where they are located (like it was done with West End mall and Kit Mikayi) would do.

  4. Nice Article, this will be in my itinerary as i plan to visit Kisumu one of this days for a photography shoot

  5. Great piece. I can vouch that the Lakeside city has some nice places worth visiting as I was there with the family during xmass. Apart from the places mentioned in the article, I would vouch for Kiboko and Hippo points along the lake and the ever busy Lwangni place for fish n water sports. I am told there is a floating restaurant, maybe worth trying next time.

    Orwa Nick

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