Is Your Midnight Bucket List Ready?

Cast your mind back to a different time, a time where after the sun had set we would head out for good old fashion fun. The evenings were always different, but the sheer enjoyment was always the same, wasn’t it?

Having fun at night made them unforgettable. Now that we are grown-ups. We go to dinner or some other activities where we can spend some pleasant time rather than to make new discoveries. What happened to those emotions, exploration, curiosity, the mystery of that child?

The child inside us knows for sure; after the sunset, the taste of exploring gets more exciting. Thanks to its geographical, historical and natural beauties, the world turns into an amazing playground where we can explore. Colours, scents, taste, structures and even flames shape in a different form and they all tickle our curiosity.

Here comes the real question: how will we experience that excitement again? We have listed the great experiences you can have at midnight all around the world. Wish you get inspired, make some discoveries and have some fun with us after the sunset…

But remember, every discovery begins with a click.

1. Meet Jack the Ripper, the world’s most mysterious serial killer

Country: London/England

Cost: Free – €30 

Danny F

If you are looking for something alternative to do at night, make sure you boom your tickets for Jack The Ripper Tour ! Very engaging, extremely interesting , especially for those conspiracy theorists out there …. 😉

Our first-night exploration is based on a historical event and we accept it’s a little scary. In the 1800s, mysterious deaths were taking place in the streets of England. The similarity of the forms of death revealed Britain’s first serial killer Jack the Ripper. His unique style transformed the poor neighbourhoods of London into a scene of horror.

Today, many companies in London organize trips to these neighbourhoods to help you visualize the details of the events. Some of them are even for free. If you want to experience the horror of London’s history or if you cannot sleep at night, this tour is for you.

2- Ghosts, Legends & Dungeon Tour

Fotoğraf: Prague ticket office

Country: Prague/Czech Republic

Cost: Free – €85

Leszek S

Fun and interesting

Did the ghost tour. Even though it was cold and windy it was worth it. The city is amazing during the night and the guide (Bret) is a great storyteller. The tour was, interesting, creepy and a bit funny. Totally recommend for an entertaining, alternative evening in Prague.

It’s up to you to believe in ghosts but Prague is considered as one of the ghostliest cities in Europe. The mysterious and unexplained events that took place in the history of the city combined with the misty weather, have caused them to become the subject of many stories.

After the violent events of the past, the ghosts are still believed to be in the city. After sunset, the stories of these ghosts are told by the experts where the events took place. The main heroes of the stories are the ghosts in the astronomical clock and the Church of St Nicholas. Listening to the dark side of Prague at night can give you goose-bumps, but it’s a great way not to forget the historical events you’ve learned.

3- Ijen Crater & Blue Fire

Fotoğraf: TripCanvas Indonesia

Country: East Jawa/Indonesia

Cost: $69 – $150

Kevin S

It’s a fricking volcano

It’s a pretty heavy hike. It is steep and kind of slippery due to the sand, you start out early (1.30AM) and you will wish you were still in bed, but when you are down there with the sulfur mine and the blue flame. It is more than worth it. To top it of, the sunrise is very calming.

Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night and climb a mountain at an altitude of 2799 meters. Sleepiness, while climbing the steep roads, difficulty to breathe at every step, and even the danger of poisoning. For those who are unable to reach the top, the Ijen Crater may not appear to be a good alternative, but there is a reason for this experience. Watch the beautiful blue flames, the play of nature and chemistry just before the sunrise. Don’t be confused that we call it a flame, it’s actually sulfuric acid with the temperature reaching up to 600 degrees. When you reach the peak, watching workers remove the sulphur from the mountain will help you to forget the difficult climb you made.

4- Blue Bioluminescent Tour

Fotoğraf: iTour Puerto Rico

Country: Mosquito Bay – La Parguera – Laguna Grande / Puerto Rico

Cost: $65

Doug W

Very cool and unique

Unlike anything, you’ve ever seen. Worth the money. Don’t take a phone – the nature of what you see won’t show up on a phone camera plus your phone will get wet in the kayak. Bring dry clothes. Go on a night with no moon visible (new moon or a very cloudy night). Doesn’t matter if you’ve never been in a kayak.

Here comes another phenomenon that you can experience after sunset. Bioluminescent means that a living creature produces light. In the moment of interaction, these creatures create harmony by spreading the light they produce. This event is observed mostly in Puerto Rico bays in the world, so you can experience it in a canoe after sunset. It is not possible to photograph this natural event, but we guarantee that it will not be possible to erase the images from your memory.

5- Good Old Northern Lights

Fotoğraf: Restaurant Mika


Reykjavik / Iceland

Svalbard / Norway

Caithness Bay / Scotland

Kakslauttanen / Finland

Jukkasjärvi / Sweden


Cost: $60


Northern Lights

An excellent trip but well worth it if you do see the lights. You are taken to a number of places first in an attempt to build up the picture before you eventually arrive at a sighting

Northern Lights are natural rays that emerge in the sky as a result of the interaction of charged particles from the Sun and the magnetic field of the Earth. This natural phenomenon, also known as Aurora, illuminates the northern horizon with a glow that we see as green.

The possibility of this natural event to be seen is very high between November and February. These miraculous lights illuminate the evenings and warm the ice-cold lands with a different feeling. We recommend you discover this beauty that will make you dream by looking at the sky with a cup of warm tea in your hand.

6- Colorful Night Markets

Fotoğraf: FlyMe360

Country: Bangkok / Tayland


Amazing market

I visited on Friday night. It is excellent. Heaps of quality items. Not the typical copy stuff. Heaps of food as well lots of bars if you want to sit for a while. Really enjoyed this. Worth the effort to go if you are im Bangkok for a while.

Evening markets in Bangkok are one of the best experiences for getting into the local life. You can find everything you can think of in the markets that are open every day after sunset. The most famous ones where food and entertainment meets are Rot Fai Market and Patpong Night Market.

7- Night Safari – Kenya

Fotoğraf: African Spice Safaris

Country: Nairobi / Kenya

Cost: $130

Discover Africa

Some of the animals which you would usually see out there on your first-night drive include hippo and rhino, running zebra, Wildebeest and giraffe or even a lion on the hunt. Yet it’s also an exciting opportunity to spot lesser obvious creatures which include Bushbabies, chameleons, aardvarks and leopard.

Nairobi National Park hosts hundreds of different wild animals within its 117 square kilometre land. There is a chance to explore the hunting, feeding and the communication of wild animals with midnight tours in this land, which is completely different during the day and night. You will have the opportunity to watch various animals that you cannot see during the daytime. Especially when we consider felines hunt at night, we can imagine that it’s an experience giving you goose-bumps.

8- Petra with Candles

Fotoğraf: NatGeo

Country: Petra – Jordan

Cost: $180

Basem Q

Petra is the best place you will see in your life . You see how it’s belted in mountains specialy if you spend over night enjoy your trip

The ancient city of Petra dating back to the historical times hosts millions of guests every year in Jordan. The ancient city, which we mentioned earlier in this article, is illuminated by 1500 candles 3 days a week, leaving behind a great visual feast, local music and magical memories.

9- Victoria Falls Moonbows

Fotoğraf: Victoria Falls Guide

Country: Livingstone – Zambia

Cost: $50


Rainbow Heaven

The Falls are awesome. I was there for the “Moonbow” and that is quite an experience. I was able to photograph it on the Zambia side and it is really something to see. The Falls in their natural state without rails for people adds to the beauty—-the power is amazing.

Have you ever seen a midnight rainbow? Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world, scatter colours all day and night. Here you can observe the moonbow, a very rare incident in nature.


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