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Lodwar is the largest town within Northwestern Kenya and we could call it the little capital of Turkana district. A major center for trade, it is also known for intricately woven baskets and beads that are made by Turkana women, making it an adventurous tourist attraction for many since its home to the Loima Hills that lie to the west. The climate in Lodwar is extremely hot and dry throughout the year, making it a very hard town to live in. Book cheap flights to Lodwar with Travelstart Kenya.  

Lodwar Airport LOK

Lodwar Airport LOK is located in Lokichogio Road and it is the main airport serving the town and surrounding areas. 

Major Attractions

Despite it being a dry area, there are a few attractions that make Lodwar so unique. Siboi National Park, what makes this park unique is that despite the harsh dry weather, there are plenty of animals that one gets to see when you visit this amazing park located in the northern part.  Lodwar off the Beaten Path something so special about this point is that you get to see the Kalokol Pillar Site a myseterious group of cylindrical stones that stand a few meters from the road! Lake Turkana the largest desert lake in the world, with a breathtaking view that has a cooling effect despite the scorching sun that Lodwar has to offer is an amazing attraction for tourists who travel from far and wide to see the lunar like landscape with sparsely distributed vegetation despite it being in the desert. The area around Lake Turkana also experiences frequent storms making it a little oasis in this semi-arid land.

Hotels and Accommodation

There are plenty of accommodations to choose from in Lodwar at a very friendly price. The Turkana Drop Inn, offers boasts of lavish rooms and stylish arrangements and one can get their favorite international cuisines done here, while relaxing in your room. The Cosmos Side View Hotel has a very nice atmosphere and traditional foods to choose from as well. The Turkwell Lodge located just a few minutes away, is an ideal place comfortable place to suit any kind of budget. Nawoitorong Guest House has lovely bandas and lush interiors and very ideal for its warm and cooling atmosphere.

Food and Drinks

With a few good restaurants to choose from such as the Rosebud Bar and Grill with local and international cuisines to choose from, it’s an ideal restaurant for the Kenyan Traveller while you sip on some cold drinks as you wait to savor the tasty meals this place has to offer. The Turkwel Hotel is one of the popular restaurants here due to their reasonable prices and cocktails to choose from


Nightlife in Lodwar is a bit slow, but with the help of the locals, they can show you a good joint to party the night away.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Lodwar is during the rainy season; March- May and the cold season; June and July. Travellers should make sure to they carry your sunscreen along with them.

Flights to Lodwar

You can get cheap flights to Lodwar by doing your flight booking online through Travelstart. Travelstart will help you get cheap chartered flights to Lodwar, while helping you save a lot of time and money. Travelstart will offer you a wide selection of airlines that fly to Lodwar from Wilson and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport NBO. 
Once you arrive in Lodwar getting around is easy, you can always choose to walk since it’s a small town, or opt to take a taxi ride or boda boda that are located everywhere around town.

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