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how to pay for flights 4 easy methods

New! -Travelstart now offers one more convenient payment method via a cash payment directly into Travelstart accounts at Barclays Bank as well as I&M Bank.

Payments can be made on Travelstart Kenya website via Credit/Debit Card, EFT – Electronic Fund Transfer and M-Pesa. Online payment methods are completely safe; all payments are secured and processed according to global standards. Book your flight with Travelstart Kenya, pay quickly and efficiently online.

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When making your booking you will be prompted to select one of our convenient payment methods, see below:

secure payments on travelstart

Credit Card and Debit Card

Paying with your credit or debit card on Travelstart is secure and convenient, all your details are encrypted and will not be shared with anyone no matter what. By paying with credit or debit card, you are also reserving your flight immediately and guarantee the best fare.

To complete the payment, just fill out your details on the payment page and finalise by clicking "Pay Now". And just like that, you're done!

Pay at Bank - EFT or Cash Deposit

The "Pay at Bank" payment method allows you to secure your booking by transferring the total value of your booking to one of our bank accounts, either I&M Bank or Barclays Bank. This can be done by doing an online transfer (EFT), or making a deposit at any of the I&M or Barclays Bank branches.

If you select "Pay at Bank", choose your preferred bank from the listed options and click "Reserve Now". On the booking confirmation page you will see the bank details, including the account number, branch number and account name. You will also be provided with the final booking total value as well as the booking reference number. Please ensure you pay the exact total due and use the booking reference number when making payment.

Please fax or email your proof of payment through to so we can issue your flight tickets as soon as possible.


This all time Kenyan favourite allows you to pay for your flight very easily. Simply click the "Reserve Now" button and follow the instructions to transfer the flight total to our M-Pesa account.

And You're Done!

Travelstart will send you an email detailing your booking confirmation. Once we have processed your payment, you will receive your e-ticket in a separate email within 24 hours.

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