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Travel should be made more accessible, and with these unbelievable airfare deals everyday should be - and can be a holiday. The only thing left to do is deciding on which of these amazing flight specials to choose from. Be the first to find out about all the latest promotions that are on offer. Whether you want to book last minute flights, or simply try your luck to find a good flight deal which suits you – you landed on the right spot. T&Cs apply

Regional flight specials

Flights to Addis Ababa

Fly from 19,463 KSh

Flights to Dar Es Salaam

Fly from 23,973 KSh

Flights to Entebbe

Fly from 33,083 KSh

Flights to Kilimanjaro

Fly from 27,728 KSh

Flights to Kigali

Fly from 29,298 KSh

Flights to Bujumbura

Fly from 39,763 KSh

Flights to Khartoum

Fly from 41,143 KSh

Flights to Juba

Fly from 42,373 KSh

Flights to Mogadishu

Fly from 59,663 KSh

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International flight specials

Nairobi to Dubai

Fly from 39,180 KSh

Nairobi to Mumbai

Fly from 56,255 KSh

Nairobi to Delhi

Fly from 66,525 KSh

Nairobi to Johannesburg

Fly from 42,515 KSh

Nairobi to lagos

Fly from 53,005 KSh

Nairobi to Doha

Fly from 70,145 KSh

Nairobi to Guangzhou

Fly from 81,185 KSh

Nairobi to London

Fly from 87,485 KSh

Nairobi to Ahmedabad

Fly from 90,340 KSh

Planning your next flight will never have to be stressful anymore. Everything is now just one click away: the best flight deals of your favourite airlines, so you can start planning the most memorable holiday escape for you and your loved ones.

The dream of unwinding on one of the many glorious islands and indulging in the various pleasures of this world, can soon be a reality. Do not wait for a special occasion, everyday should be your opportunity to explore the world one flight special at a time, embark on journeys of a lifetime and take advantage of these crazy flight deals today - you will surely not be disappointed.

Most travellers aspiring or experienced can understand that travelling is an expensive hobby to maintain, and at times this makes going to all these destinations we see in travel blogs or movies difficult. Look no further: here you will find every deal, and you could have your name written all over it.

With so many flight deals coming in, it is important that you stay updated and connected – so subscribing to Travelstart’s newsletter is definitely worth it. Who knows, maybe next week this time you will be sipping on a cocktail in the Maldives.

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