Plan 2019 Now! Best Seasons For Asian Countries

Season Chart of 7 Asian Countries

We are only a couple of days away from 2019. Are you ready to discover brand new climates and habits in the upcoming year?

We looked at the map for you and chose the best routes for an unforgettable Asian journey. As Asia is a difficult region in terms of climate, it is important to choose the best time in 2019 to plan your holiday to Asia. In this list, you will find the best time to discover the Asian metropolitans, as well as the exotic cities. There you have it! Here are our suggestions for the best time to visit the heart of tourism in Asian countries. Read it, then choose your route and click here for the most affordable flight tickets.

Cambodia, A Winter’s Tale

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Best time to visit: December – March

Cambodia has two different seasons; the seasons of heavy rain and light rain. The average temperature is 27 ºC. The average precipitation throughout the year is 1312 mm. As the climate is tropical in the region, it is rainy from April to November. The average precipitation during these months are above 24 mm. Especially September, October, and November are the rainiest seasons throughout the year with 27 mm rainfall. June, July, August, September, and October are also called “typhoon months”. Compared to summer, there is less rainfall in winter. For this reason, November, December, January, February, and March are the best months to visit the country. From March to August, it is the hottest season in Cambodia: the temperature becomes as high as 36 ºC. During this period, the difference between the day and night temperature becomes 8 to 10 ºC.

You are invited for a cup of warm tea in a heart-warming country: Sri Lanka

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Best time to visit: December-February

In May and September, the south and west parts of the country, and in October and January, the north and east parts of the country are in monsoon season, so you might want to sit at home and make holiday plans, as there is heavy rainfall in the country in these months. The annual rainfall in Sri Lanka is about 1020 mm in the dry regions in the north, while it becomes 5080 mm in the eastern slopes of the mountains.

Least rainfall for the east coasts: April and November; for the west and central parts of the country: December and March. As it is an island country, the wind has a significant impact on the climate, and the temperature varies from region to region. Throughout the year, the average temperature is 5 to 20 ºC in central parts and highlands, and 30 to 35 ºC in other parts. 

The best time to visit Sri Lanka, which has a tropical monsoon climate, is in December, January, and February. During these months, when Sri Lanka has a lively summer season, there is literally a tourist boom in the country. Of course, the cost of flight tickets, accommodation, and tourism services also increase in this period. If you want to experience the warm, silky sands and the Indian Ocean, you should arrange your visit in this period to fully enjoy the paradise island.

Exotic Paradise, Thailand

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Best time to visit: November – March

The climate is tropical in the country, and the temperature is shaped by the monsoon rains. The average temperature throughout the year is 30 ºC.  It is very humid. April and May are dry, but there is a sudden rise in temperature during these months. You can see 40 ºC in this period. The most rainfall is seen in June and September. From November to March, monsoon rains are not frequent, but the temperature is lower compared to the rest of the year. This cool and dry period is the best time for a trip to Thailand. As the temperature and humidity are low in this period, you will not be exhausted. So, hooray!

From June to October, Monsoon rains affect the whole country. There even occurs problems in transportation when there is heavy rainfall. If you plan your journey in this period, which is called “hot season”, you should take the monsoon rain into consideration as well.

The Country of Storm, Taiwan

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Best time to visit: January – March

Monsoon rains are in Taiwan as well. Let’s take a look at each month together: in April, the weather starts to warm up and there is no rain yet. May is the month of Plum Rains. In June and September, the weather gets hot and humid. In August and September, strong typhoons cause severe destruction in the country. Based on these, we can say that the best time to visit the country is January, February, and March – when there is less rain. There is a tropical and subtropical climate throughout the country, and the level of humidity is high, like many other Asian countries. The country is very cold in winter, and the temperature is not very high in summer either. For Taiwan, typhoons have a bigger impact than monsoons. You need to plan your journey accordingly and avoid visiting in typhoon seasons. As Taiwan is an industrial country rather than a touristic one, there is no such thing as an astronomical price difference.

Bali, the Most Hipster Island in Indonesia

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Best time to visit: April – September

The island, which is hot and humid throughout the year, receives a huge amount of rainfall from October to March. There is less rain from April to September, and the weather is less humid, the sun is mostly shining during this period. So, you know what to do: choose this period for your holiday. We should mention that there is no dry season in Bali. The average temperature is 27 ºC, and the annual average rainfall is 3428 mm on the island. The highest precipitation is in July with 684 average – so stay away!  March is the hottest month of the year with 28 ºC, stay away! In August, the average temperature is 25 ºC, the lowest average throughout the year.

As the biggest economy of Bali is tourism, there can be price differences from April to September; but in general, Bali has affordable and below the average prices for accommodation and for food and drink.

The Luxurious and Modern Asian Country, Hong Kong

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Best time to visit: March – April – October – November

The average temperature in Hong Kong is 23 ºC. Average precipitation throughout the year is 2152 mm. Transition periods, such as Spring or Autumn are ideal for visiting Hong Kong. In both seasons, the weather is 18 to 24 ºC, so you could visit everywhere without getting exhausted from the heat. But still, you should not forget about the rain. From May to September, the tropical climate is at its peak in Hong Kong. In addition to high temperatures as high as 34 ºC, heavy rainfalls, as well as typhoons, can be seen. If you accept the possibility of rain, you might be relieved to learn about the affordable prices in the city for almost all activities in this period. Moreover, the temperature is 15-20 ºC in the daytime, but it gets as low as 12 ºC at night time during winter.

A European City in Asia: Singapore

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Best time to visit: April – May / October – November

Singapore gets heavy rains throughout the year with its tropical climate. The precipitation is very high even in the driest months. The average temperature of this island country is 26 ºC, and the average rainfall is 2378 mm. September is the driest month with 163 mm precipitation. The precipitation is highest in December with 298 average, while May is the hottest month with 27.4 ºC, exhausting Singaporeans with heat. In January, the average temperature is 26.1 ºC, and it is the lowest average throughout the year.

The region affected by northeast and southwest monsoons receives the most rainfall from November to March, and from May to September. So, the best time to visit Singapore is from April to May and from October to November. These months have the least rainfall and the optimum temperature. But please don’t forget, if you are going to Singapore, you should always be prepared for rain.



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