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Zanzibar is known as one of Africa’s best-known and most enticing destinations, Zanzibar is an archipelago of islands, lying almost 35 km off the coast of mainland Tanzania. The city has been one of East Africa’s leading trading centers and a crossroad of different cultures. The two main islands, Unguja and Pemba, combine an unparalleled beauty and the best weather throughout the year. There are also smaller islands, with their own, unique character, some of which you can visit. If you dream about white sandy beaches, coconut trees and coral reefs, book a cheap flight to Zanzibar with Travelstart Kenya and visit the capital city. You can also search and compare all major airlines for cheap flights to Zanzibar with Travelstart Booking engine.

Abeid Amani Karume International Airport ZNZ

All flights to Zanzibar are handled by Abeid Amani Karume International Airport ZNZ. The airport serves several destinations in the African region but also flights to Israel and Muscat. The airport handles Alitalia, Condor, Jetairfly and Travel Service Airlines, which fly directly from and to Rome, Frankfurt, Brussels and Prague respectively. It also handles Italian private airlines - Blue Panorama Airlines, Meridiana and Neos - flying to Bologna, Milan, Rome and Verona as well as Arke, a Dutch charter company flying to Amsterdam. Do not miss the Travelstart great flight booking deals.

Major Attractions

Zanzibar’s major attraction is Stone Town, a captivating monument that portrays the influences of the African, Indian, Arabic, Persian and European conquerors of the island. With its narrow streets, coral-rag houses, historic stone buildings, squares and courtyards, all surrounded by a spectacular shoreline and white-sand beaches, Stone Town will definitely steal your heart! Make sure to visit the Stone Town market, one of the largest and most lively open markets for food in the world! Even if you don’t want to buy any food, it’s worth seeing the colors and the spectacle.

The Arab Fort (also known as Old Fort), located right next to The House of Wonders Museum, is a wonderful historical site that you should visit. Built between 1698 and 1701, the fort is an impressive structure with high walls, originally used as a defence against the Portuguese occupation. Then, it was used as a prison for the execution of criminals, while it has also served as a depot for the railway as well as a courtyard for the ladies tennis club. Today, you can have a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean from its towers or even watch drama and dance performance in the renovated open-air theatre.

If you are a nature lover, visit Jozani Forest, Zanzibar’s National Forest to see the Red Colobus Monkeys, the indigenous inhabitants of Zanzibar. In the Park there are also dolphins, sharks, tuna, tree hyraxes, and the famous Zanzibar Leopard, which has acquired a mythical status and is called “Chui” by the locals. Have a walk around, visit the “Mama Mtondoo”, and look out for the brightly coloured sunbirds. Planning to go on vacation? Here are reasons why you should visit Zanzibar

Hotels and Accommodation

You can find any type of accommodation in Zanzibar, including low budget hotels, luxury resorts, town hotels and spa hotels. No matter what accommodation you select, one thing is certain: you will spend most of the day diving, fishing, doing water sports, snorkelling or relaxing on a traditional “dhow” boat or on a white sandy beach. BookZanzibar Hotels with Travelstart Kenya

Car Rental

Zanzibar International Airport offers the best car rental packages, in terms of price, vehicle range and convenience. You can hire any type of vehicle at low, fully inclusive prices and a best price guarantee with Travelstart Kenya.

Best Time To Visit

Zanzibar has a tropical climate. The rainfall season is from March to May when it downpours with high humidity and an average temperature 30 Celsius. Then, it rains again in November and December, but during these months humidity is low, rains are lighter and the average temperature is 23 Celsius. In fact, the best time to visit Zanzibar is from June to October. In summer, the climate is dry, the sky is perfect and the temperature is around 30 Celsius. Also, the summer heat is often cooled by strong sea breezes.

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Both non-stop and direct flights depart from Nairobi NBO and Mombasa MBA airports to Abeid Amani Karume International Airport ZNZ in Zanzibar. Book a cheap flight to Zanzibar with Travelstart online booking engine above.

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