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Zambia is known as the Republic of Zambia, derived its name from the River Zambezi, which means ‘God’s river’. The capital of Zambia is Lusaka, a major part of  the population dwells here. You can experience the colourful annual traditional ceremonies like the Kathanga, Kuomboka, Mutomboko and take part in the Mbunda Lukwakwa festive when you travel to Zambia.  Explore a lot of tourist attraction centers around Zambia when you visit this part of Africa.
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Kenneth Kaunda International Airport LUN

Kenneth Kaunda International Airport LUN is the airport that serves the numerous visitors who are coming to the country. The airport serves different airlines around the world. It has become a major place where passengers can exchange their money and buy things from the malls when they are arriving or departing from Zambia. 

Major Attractions

Victoria Waterfalls, the largest waterfall in the world and the most popular tourist centre in Zambia. Zambia shares this waterfall with Zimbabwe and some of the special features in this location are the statues of David Livingstone, a missionary and explorer that the locals still show respects. You can visit this fall between July and September, and some weeks in November, and take advantage of the low water level in  the Devil’s Pool. The South Luangwa National Park is among the national parks that are in the country, wildlife is in abundance in this park. There are lots of bush camps and lodges that are less expensive in and around this beautiful park. Zambia’s Saturday Dutch Market is where you can buy a lot of things and it is the largest open air-market. This is where you can enjoy the local ethnic dishes in some of the restaurants in town. There are traditional arts that you can buy in the market such as Tongo baskets, ivory carvings, fabrics, stools, mats, wire craft, copper crafts and lots more. 
You can spend a weekend in Zambia at Lake Kariba, the world’s largest artificial lake, there are lots of boat cruises you can make use of and you can dine on the country’s local crayfish.  Every April, there is the Kuomboka Traditional Ceremony that is Barotse King’s palace that is Limilunga and regarded as an important festival in the country. Visit Kafue National Park and see beautiful animal species in the largest and oldest national park in Zambia.

Hotels & Accommodation

Zambia offers visitors with several beautiful hotels from budget hotels to the five star hotels. Book your hotel accommodation with Travelstart. 

Car Rentals

Zambia has numerous car hire services in Kenneth Kaunda International Airport; you can get great deal car hire services with Travelstart. 

Best Time To Visit Zambia

The dry season is between May to October and it is regarded as the best time for visitors to view best games. December to April is regarded as the ‘Green Season’ which is the rainy season .

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