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Benghazi, Libya is the largest seaport city of North Africa and a part of the country that has a more Middle-Eastern feel. Valued by its residents of an ancient civilization, Benghazi boasts well-preserved historical remains and stands as one of the best budget destinations for a holiday. Cheap flights to Benghazi take visitors to a city that is full of hidden surprises.

Requirements for Entry to Libya

All Kenyans must be in possession of a passport with a validly period of at least 6 months prior to arrival.

Getting to Benghazi from Benina International Airport (BEN)

Benghazi is 20 km from the airport. There are two ways to reach the city centre from the Benina Airport. A private sedan or shared SUV transfers can be obtained in advanced from BEN shuttles. This is the cheapest option.

The other alternative is by taxi. While more expensive, the pricing is still favourable when compared to other destinations.

Major Attractions

Benghazi is known for their many ancient sites that will appeal to the history lover within everyone.

A few of these archaeological sites included the ancient Greek city of Berenice, Byzantine church and Roman villas and temples.

The House of Jason Magnus once was home to Claudius Tiberius Jason Magnus with the mosaics still impressive. Claudius served as the high priest during the 2nd century AD for the Temple of Apollo. It is well worth seeing for the impact that these long-gone civilisations had on Benghazi that still lives on today.

For a newer piece of history that is in better shape, visit the Benghazi Catholic Cathedral. Easily recognisable for its twin blue domes, the cathedral was constructed in the 1920s by Italian architect Guido Ottavo and is done in a Neo-Classical style. The interior of the cathedral is attractive and contains many appealing statues and stained glass.

Things To Do

For an exciting adventure, you can visit the under-the-radar destination - Ubari - a small oasis town of Ubari is located in an immense Saharan landscape in Libya.

Indulge in the localized culture in and purchase some great goods at the same time at the Souq Aljareed. This traditional bazaar offers a wide variety of wares, ranging from regional outfits to metal ornaments to local cuisine. Authentic music is performed here to seal the exotic feeling.

Near to the souq, the Akakos House is a gallery filled with face masks, crafts and sculptures from local artisans. Have a cup of Libyan tea whilst visiting. Libyan tea is very strong, thick, syrup-like black tea.

The Medina area is considered the centrepiece of Benghazi and has a large amount of attractions for visitors such as the Old Lighthouse that boasts spectacular views to the sea. The Al-Buduzeera is a park that is on the waterfront.

Walk around in the evening and view the colourful lights illuminated on Benghazi’s buildings and its Juliana Bridge against the dark night sky and waterway. In the summer, go swimming on the white fine sand beaches or visit the Al Fuwayhat Zoo with many amusement rides for the little ones and boat rides on the lagoon.


One saying by the local residents in Libya has always remained true to form and that is “one must eat well”. Meals are plentiful and servings huge many recipes go back thousands of years.

Being a waterfront city, seafood is a staple in Benghazi. Many restaurants will let you select your fish prior to cooking it the way one wishes. Other dining venues serve Middle Eastern and European fare and of course Libyan specialties. One the most popular found is a tomato-based meat or fish stew known as Bazin, It is flavoured with spices such as turmeric, chilli powder and paprika, served with Semolina dough in the middle of the platter.

Alcohol is illegal and the drink of choice still remains tea.

Hotels and Accommodation

Accommodation in Benghazi mostly consists of luxurious hotels with all modern amenities to self-catering apartments that offer security and comfort at a good price. The best in costs are the hostels. The cultural aspect of the nation still shines through no matter where one stays.

During religious holidays such as Ramadan as the hotels and hostels are booked to capacity. Make bookings in advance during these times to avoid disappointments. Book Libya Hotels.


Public transport system such as buses and metro is non-existent. One way to get around is by vehicle or on foot. Taxis in Benghazi are the easiest way to get around the city and are the cheapest forms of transportation available. There are two types of taxis. Minibuses follow a specific route, whilst the other is black-and-white cars.

Best Time To Visit

The month of May through September and early October in Benghazi are very comfortable and considered the best months to visit. The temperatures rarely are above 33 °C. There is very little precipitation except October through March starts the rainy period due to higher levels of moisture coming from the waters of the Gulf of Sidra. Besides being the wet season, temperatures will fall below 20°C from December through February.

Flights to Libya

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