What Type of Traveller Are You?

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The kind of traveller you are really boils down to the kind of person you are when no one is looking. If you had a choice to truly be yourself, what would you do? The answer to this question would surprise you. Chances are that the first few choices you make will still not be the true you.

As a young, youthful individual living in this digital era, you have undoubtedly become accustomed to sharing all your “cool” pictures on social media. So subconsciously, you are always looking to do the things that you think your followers (and close friends) will find intriguing. However, do you know if that is the real you?

As we said, the first few choices will surprise you. You will find that they are things you do when you have a bunch of friends with you and you want to maintain your “cool” status! Once all that washes away, you will begin to truly discover what kind of traveller you are deep down inside.

The different kinds of travellers

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Did you know that there are people who would actually get on a plane to go to a museum in a faraway land? Just as there are people who will travel thousands of Kilometers and go through rigorous security measures just to study an ancient manuscript in an establishment that does not even allow pictures of videography of any kind.

These are people who have discovered the kind of traveller they are and do not care whether their Facebook status shows that they are in the Tibetan Mountains or in a lost tomb somewhere in Egypt. They just go because they want the kind of fulfilment that visiting these locations brings them. They travel for the joy of travelling not for their social media followers.

What kind of traveller are you really?

While there are tests and quizzes you can take to help you get a handle on what kind of traveller you are, sometimes all you need is to run down a list of the different types of travellers to see which one resonates most with you. That being said, here are the most common types of travellers roaming this Earth:

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The “Relaxation” Traveller

Although one could argue that every type of traveller is a “relaxation” traveller considering the fact that we travel to unplug and unwind, you would be surprised at how many people get home from a holiday just a little bit more tired than they left. A relaxation traveller will never get back home tired. This is the kind of traveller who does not care for long nights of club hopping or strenuous activity such as mountain climbing. These people want to:

  • Sunbathe on a beach while sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them
  • Read a good book and order room service
  • Get a massage and go clothes shopping
  • Have breakfast or dinner in establishments that have no strict regulations about what time you can do either

Travelling to these people is all about stopping time. They do not want to be on any schedule when they are on holiday. As such, they will seek out places offer 24/7 room service and that is probably way out there away from the beaten path.

The “Food” Traveller

A slice of salmon

You have probably heard the term “foodie” thrown about from time to time. While it is true that most of us are not exactly opposed to trying out the local cuisine whenever we travel, there are people who only ever travel to destinations with the best-renowned chefs or cuisines in the world. These are people who will seek out food festivals and only visit places that have an in-house chef with an assortment of signature dishes. These people prefer destinations such as France or Italy where they can really let their palate loose.

The “Nature” Traveller

This is the kind of traveller who wants nothing to do with the urban jungle. They want the real jungle. Somewhere they can to sleep under the stars. They want to camp out and swim in lakes or rivers. They want to get their food from the land and they are extremely conscious about the environment. These are the kind of people who will not think twice to head out to Ngare Ndare for the day and just experience extreme serenity as they traverse the “Canopy Walk” or take a dip in any one of the 7 ponds underneath a waterfall. These people believe that man was meant to explore the great outdoors.

The “Adventure” Traveller

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These people will try anything to get their hearts racing. Adventure travellers are the kind of people who will seek out destinations that offer things like shark-diving or base-jumping. They are very much adrenaline junkies who have no qualms pushing their bodies to the limit. These people often have excellent travel insurance because they know that anything can happen at any given time while they chase that ever fleeting adrenaline-rush.

The “Thrill-Seeking” Traveller

This type of traveller is not to be confused with an “adventure traveller” even though they have many similar traits. The thrill-seeker is someone who won’t necessarily go white-water rafting or skydiving but they will steer clear of the beaten path. These people all have a different definition for the word “thrill”. Some like going to dingy bars where only the locals frequent; others will decide to take a tour of a dangerous slum knowing very well they could get robbed. Most are willing to try anything new as long as it is not what they are accustomed to back home. They want that experience and if it comes with a little adrenaline, then well and good.

Beautiful island

There is also the “Urban Traveller” who only visits cities and is right at home in places like Dubai, Venice or New York. You could also be a “Family Traveller”; you know, the kind of person who only goes to child-friendly destinations because you cherish spending time with the kids. Ultimately though, there is the “Escapist Traveller”. Alas, almost all of us fall under this category. An escapist believes that any kind of discomfort in life can be washed away by giving yourself some distance.

  • Got your heart broken in London? Travel to Thailand and disconnect.
  • Your London office job stressing you? Go to Kenya and live among the Maasai for a bit.
  • Tired of the city life? Go to the Arctic and live in an Igloo with the Inuit for a week or so.

It doesn’t matter what kind of traveller you are, ultimately, we all travel to escape the humdrum of our day to day life. The best thing is that, if you do it correctly, travelling will leave you feeling more fulfilled. Sometimes tired but fulfilled none-the-less.

What kind of traveller are you? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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