5 Lesser-Known Places To Visit In Mombasa

Mombasa is well known for the white sandy beach and endless blue oceans but there are some offbeat and unexplored places in the city if you are fed up with queues at the popular places. The city has a lot to offer, from aquatic wildlife and beaches to historical attractions. It may not be entirely possible to see everything the city has to offer but you’ll surely see and tour amazing places that will give you unforgettable memories.

So whether you are on a short or long stay in the city, there is enough time to see everything and fill your Instagram or Facebook with beautiful and colourful photos. Here are 5 lesser-known places to visit in Mombasa:

Shri Kutchi Satsang Swaminarayan Temple


The Land of Mombasa was sanctified by the Holy Footprints of H.H YOGIJI MAHARAJ in 1955, when he inaugurated the first BAPS SWAMINARAYAN TEMPLE outside India. After 57 years H.D.H Pramukh Swami Maharaj, in June 2012, renovated it to make an extraordinary place of worship, a beautiful traditionally fiber glass carved temple- a world class of exquisite architectural beauty and a source of Serenity. The marble idols of Shree  Akshar Purushottam Maharaj and Guru Parampara consecrated ritually on the Golden Shrine, the heart of Mandir, Spiritually inspires the devotees.

The two fibre glass elephants majestically standing on both sides of the main stairs are awesome attractions, with the PEACOCK ENTRANCE cordially welcoming the visitors to the Mandir podium where the profusely carved pillars have ornate fiber glass arches with beautiful statues of Gandharvas. The Mandir podium provides meditative respite for the pilgrims. The beautiful marble floor is a mosaic of colorful, stunning designs.

Every pillar profusely carved has ornate fiber arches. The ceilings of the Mandir have arresting in-depth designs, reflecting the skills of Divine Saints and the Rich Heritage of Indian Architecture. With this, the visit to the world CLASS HARI-MANDIR concludes, leaving the pilgrim imbued with inner peace and joy. he temple is open between 9-11 and 4-6 for visitors, it is located on Haile Selassie road.

Horizon View Inn 

horizon view

Staying in most hotels, you get the same feeling of being in a large place. At Horizon View Inn gives you the comfortable feeling of being at home. A previous family bungalow has the same structure and ambiance of the family home, giving visitors home away from home feeling. Located in Nyali Links road, offers affordable rates for individual and corporate. Visit: Horizon View Inn

Address: Opposite The Ineyard Church, Off Mt. Kenya Road, Nyali, Mombasa

Tides Inn 

tides in

Tides Inn is a backpackers heaven in Mombasa, located on the shore of Indian Ocean.  One of the features at Tides in is the vast area for camping just a few steps from the beach.  Sleeping under the palm trees and hearing the waves crash gives one of a kind experience. All the accommodation are budget friendly. In addition, they boast on their one of a kind indoor beach lounge. A lounge area with beach sand on the floor and a boat like replica for a bar, to give you a sense of the beach without the warmth of beach to cool down your drink. Visit: Tides Inn

Address: Off Mombasa Malindi Road, Bamburi

The Yard 

the yard 1

Sports fanatics love the Yard, a unique traditional sports bar located on the Mombasa-Malindi highway. Under a small coastal traditional thatch roofing called Makuti, 8-10 tables have been set up to view a large screen TV for those sports nights. A small bar on the corner of the Yard offers varieties of Drinks.  Nyama Choma is offered every weekend at the Yard,  which is known for its huge quantity at affordable rates, hence popular for a place for men to hang out with their friends. 

Address: Mombasa-Malindi Highway

Tulia House

tulia 2

If you like well done food, pool parties, moon lit movies and creativity, and then Tulia is the place to be. Located behind City Mall Nyali, Tulia offers affordable hostel for backpackers and travel wanderers. Offering 10 people rooms for travel groups, or all female hostel rooms and only two single rooms is a great place for travel friends to stay. Every night there is a planned activity including an outdoor movie theatre. Above all, Tulia is the home to unique outdoor sleeping space, few sisal beds hanging on ropes have been set up to give the unique sleeping experience for only kshs 700. Visit: Tulia House

Address: Near Nyali Centre, Nyali, Links Rd, Mombasa

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  1. Great insights. The temple is definitely a place I would love to visit

  2. Visited the Temple and appreciated the learning during the tour..something I didn’t think was possible at any Nairobi temple

    • There is one in Nairobi its on forest road

  3. Tulia sounds like a really lovely place to be. I didn’t even know we had such a gem right behind city Mall…..plans to visit already underway. Thanks

  4. Have visited Tulia house..its the best place to be.quite friendly.love the place
    Conducive environment

  5. You’ve forgotten the first Skylux Bar in Mombasa, Skylux Sports Pub & Grill located in Mtwapa off Mombasa – Malindi highway

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