20 Pictures to Remind Us of Kenya’s History and Culture

It is our history and culture that cemented our identity as Kenyans. It made us ‘one’ and this ‘oneness’ has allowed us to recognize the diverse parts of our culture and to be proud of our homeland. Kenya is constituted for us as a country, home and a place of rest, which gives us a certain peace and an endless desire to return home even when we travel to another country.

Who can ever forget the Mara sunset, our fascinating festivals and traditions, the safaris and those beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean? It’s time to look back and reflect on some of the most memorable Kenya’s history and culture.Here are 20 pictures to remind us of our history and culture:

1. Maasai Traditional Dance, 2005

Traditional_Maasai_Dance Photo Source: Wikipedia

2. Kurve bei Mombasa, 1899

Kurve_bei_MombasaPhoto Source: Wikipedia

3. Bus Terminus opposite National Bank of India, 1950

Bus-Terminus--1950s, NairobiPhoto Source: Sikh-heritage Website

4. Woolworths Delamere Avenue, 70’s

Woolworths KenyaPhoto Source: Sikh-heritage Website

5. An old Kenyan license plate from the 1970s

Kenya Licence Plate Photo Source: Jerry Wood on Flickr

6. Lohana Mahajan Mandal, Nairobi

lohana-mahajan-mandal Photo Source: Martin Dixon on Flickr

7. A picturesque Mombasa Road, 1954

Mombasa-Road-1954Photo Source: Sikh-heritage Website

8. Mombasa Road in 1985(left);  2012(right)

Mombasa Road in !985Photo Source: Sikh-heritage Website

9. Kilindini Road, Mombasa

Kilindini Road, MombasaPhoto Source: Sikh-heritage Website

10. Ship on the docks of Kisumu in Lake Victoria 1950’s

Ship on VictoriaPhoto Source: Sikh-heritage Website

11. KiKuyu Woman in Traditional Dress

Kikuyu Woman Traditional DressPhoto Source: Wikipedia

12. Samburu Warriors

Samburu MenPhoto Source: Kenyansnapshot blog

13. Lamu Cultural Festival

Lamu Cultural Festival Photo Source: Globalpost.com

14. A Giraffe at the Nairobi National Park, 2006

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo Source: Wikipedia

15. Maasai Hut with Enkang Barrier, 1996

Maasai Hut Photo Source: Wikipedia

16. Nakuru 1963

Nakuru 1963 Photo Source: Gordon Mumford

17. Equator Sign Board located on the Main Nakuru to Eldoret Road

Equator Sign BoardPhoto Source: Gordon Mumford

18. A View of the Old Town of Malindi

Malindi Town Photo Source: Wikipedia

19. Baragoi, A Market Town in Kenya, 1979

Baragoi Photo Source: Wikipedia

20. Kisumu Harbour with Water Hyacinths

Kisumu Harbour HyacinthsPhoto Source: Wikipedia

    Our Readers Comments

    1. that’s lovely pictures a wanna to go many of those place insha allah kenya wetu

      abdiweli kunciil


    3. A picturesque Mombasa Road, 1954 ..interesting! Good reminders there and very insightful. I’m proud of my homeland.

    4. Lovely reminder of our home Kenya.

    5. amazing

    6. Old is Gold

    7. Nice pics! I reckon Nairobi was much cleaner then, surely we can do better in keeping the city clean!

    8. I recognize all these photos when I was growing up in Kenya, Brings back really special memories.

    9. see how far we r from it seems there are alot we have gone wrong

    10. so lovely

    11. please confirm the date of the Picture with the Giraffe and KICC with Times Tower. I remember that in 1998 the Times Tower was still under construction when a contractor took pictures of the sad incident that was on the same street on August 7th.

    12. Haven’t included Adams Arcade along Ngong road, the first shopping mall in East and Central Africa

    13. Wao! Weve come from far and we are going far. Keep us updated on our selfs

    14. was times towers in existence in 1996????????

    15. beautiful images. i appreciate the work of photographers.

    16. older days looked much better

    17. A nice reminiscences though times tower was not completed in 1906. Picture no.14

    18. Lovely pictures! Wish I could visit your beautiful country one day! Or maybe I should say, I am going to visit your beautiful country one day! I love Kenya! Thanks for helping me to see more of your country with these beautiful pictures!

      Sincerely // The Swedish guy Adam

      • Hi Adam, Thanks for reading our blog. We are glad you like our articles. We look forward to seeing you in Kenya soon.

    19. Excellent pictures! Very nostalgic,please keep it up.
      Especially those of Nairobi of yesteryears. The way most of my generation remember it. Can you please publish some pictures of the Kenya Bus Service City Buses of the early seventies. These operated on schedule and students in Nairobi were issued with Bus Passes for subsidized fares.
      What a contrast it is,Nairobi of the early seventies(garbage collected daily,scheduled municipal transport,security etc) and today’s Nairoberry.

      Tom Lepski Ochola

    20. That Picture of the Lohana Mahanjan Mandal is especially nostalgic to me as it housed the High School I attended,CENTRAL SCHOOL,closed down thirty years ago. There was the School sign at the far right of the Pacture which was cut out of your Picture,i do have a very early seventies picture of it.
      It is a Temple nowadays.

      Tom Lepski Ochola

    21. seeing this on a Thursday is truly nostalgic.

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