10 Reasons Why Mombasa is Better Than Nairobi

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to live your dream life? For most people, that life involves sunbathing with their toes in the sand in some tropical island. It involves being able to make a living while enjoying your life to the fullest in a romantic destination. It also involves finding the right blend of culture, weather and neighbors. For most Kenyans, that dream is only a few hundred Kilometers away.

Ask yourself, do you constantly dream of picturesque getaways? Living the ‘tropical island’ life with beautiful weather, surrounded by palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze? Do you want to rub shoulders with gorgeous people who have sun-kissed tans; spend your days in an easy-going place where every single minute feels like a wonderful vacation? Do you think the busy city life is too much for you and that a few years on an exotic island is just what the doctor ordered? If you do, then your next destination should be nowhere else but Mombasa, Kenya. Here are 10 good reasons why Mombasa is better than Nairobi:

1. It’s a tropical paradise

Diani Beach (2)

In Mombasa, you are always surrounded by the ocean. Not only does it present a great view, but it gives you the illusion that you can get away from it all when you want to. That alone should be enough to convince you that Mombasa is a place to be.

2. Wonderful, sunny weather

Mombasa weather

Being an island by the ocean, Mombasa has amazing weather almost throughout the year. It’s almost always sunny and bright. Although it does get a little hot, the ocean breeze that often blows through the town makes it very comfortable through the day and night.

3. There’s almost no traffic jam


Photo source: Planesgainesandautomobiles.com

If there is a curse that plagues any major city, it is the customary gridlock traffic jam. Especially during peak hours and when it rains. Thankfully, however, the city of Mombasa almost never has any traffic jam. And when it does, it clears up almost as soon as it builds up. This means that you can get to wherever you want to go faster and with less frustration.

4. Fresh and delicious seafood


Of course, you would expect nothing less from a coastal city. But what makes Mombasa slightly different from any other coastal city, is that her seafood is prepared with a touch of Swahili culture. We are not sure what it is, but the Swahili can really cook. Maybe it’s the spices, or the different traditional flavors, we don’t know, it just tastes amazing.

5. It’s a a great cultural centre

Fort Jesus

From Fort Jesus to Old Town, Mombasa is immersed in ancient history and culture. Greatly influenced by the Portuguese and the Arabs, the people of Mombasa present a beautiful mix that is not only fascinating for the history buffs, but are also very pleasant to look at.

6. Sustainable living


Mombasa presents the perfect blend between fast-paced city life, and laid-back island living. Whereas other cities are extremely fast and stressful, Mombasa lets you live life at your own pace. She has all the necessary facilities to make her a fast paced city, but also all the beautiful outlets and weather to make her the perfect holiday destination. Here, you can easily find that illusive work-life balance.

7. Vibrant nightlife

Mombasa nightlife

Photo source: Thetreasure Blog

Yes, every city has its own outstanding nightlife. What makes Mombasa slightly different is that here, the party almost never ends. The city offers unlimited entertainment options. At any given time, you can always find a restaurant, a bar or a club open. You just have to know where to look.

8. Friendly neighbours

Mombasa locals

Photo source: Friendsofmombasa.com

Maybe it’s the fact that Mombasa is a popular tourist destination, or maybe it’s something in the water, but people in Mombasa tend to be more friendly than anywhere else. They are always ready to clarify what they just said since their Swahili and English has that beautiful coastal accent that makes you fall in love with the whole place and everyone in it. They are also always ready to help with directions and recommendations.

9. It’s a romantic city

Romantic city, Mombasa

Photo Source: Lamarinarestaurant restaurant

From floating restaurants, to secluded beaches and resorts, Mombasa is the perfect destination for romance. Couple the beautiful tropical weather with world-class facilities and you have the perfect location for sweeping someone off their feet.

10. Beautiful and affordable housing

Mombasa Houses

You only have to drive around Mombasa to see that the houses here are not like your every day houses. They have a little bit of Swahili, Portuguese, English, Arabian and indigenous influence. This makes for a wonderful blend and absolutely stunning structures.

If you have wondered how to go about balancing your work and your life, then maybe you ought to give Mombasa a try. The city simply calls to the child in you. It’s a gorgeous place that encourages you to live free and to live well.

Do you think Mombasa is better than Nairobi? Share your experience with us in the comment below:

Our Readers Comments

  1. yeah….the Mombasa people are very friendly

  2. Parking was 50 shillings till the other day when it was doubled but still affordable.
    You can enjoy your meal – shawarma or biryani on the streets where restaurants extend to during night time.
    You don’t need a suit or even a neck tie to go to work; making it the perfect place to exercise #mydressmychoice
    The only town where you walk to the cashier at a restaurant and report what you have consumed and pay for it. They trust everyone, though nairobians take advantage hence spoil the privilege.
    I could go on and on……

  3. The jam part is wrong, nowadays there is too much traffic.

    • Haha yeah the no traffic is a massive load of shit!

  4. You have chased the goose that lays the golden egg. There is no security in Mombasa. The main industry that is Tourism is dead. Hotels are almost empty and come January 2015 be braced for hotels literally winding up. This will effect everybody from the tomato and potato sellers to the big suppliers.
    We have been hit very hard. Its now a reality. We have absolutely NO leaders anymore but leaders who are here just for their own personal greed.

  5. Love the tuktuks the amazing weather especially at night and the laid back atmosphere. The beach is breathtaking!!!!
    Im also impressed with the clean-up exercises. The town is much cleaner.
    No matter what I can’t wait to relocate to Mombasa.

  6. Nairobi remain the best city not only in kenya but east africa..business,industrial and goverment centre,music,best clubbing,technology up ,security better than mombasa n moreee…aishhh…nktiest

    • Hahaha you bullshitting twat! Nairobery is the butt Hole of Kenya

  7. I have lived in many major cities in East Africa, and still think Mombasa beats all in terms of “wholeness” of life. Nairobi is good in terms of work, infrastructural facilities, tech etc but Mombasa is the capital of friendly lifestyle. The insecurity issue is over-hyped, because it’s only in Mombasa where you can walk at night and not get mugged, ask someone direction at night and they are willing to walk you or at least direct you with no ill intention, something you dare not try in Nairobi. Mombasa people will say “Hi” or “vipi?” to a total stranger with a prolonged smiley look in your face in a manner that makes you feel you belong or you’re well known. This culture shocked me initially as it looked intrusive, probably because am naturally shy, but you later learn that it’s a wonderful culture and gives you a sense of belonging. Everyone is willing to help in anyway possible.
    You feel confident that a stranger asking for help is genuine, unlike Nairobi where you suspect everyone walking around (I have to admit I have dropped more coins to beggars in Mombasa more than I have done in Nairobi, yet I have only lived in Mombasa for 2 years against 14 years in Nairobi). Mombasa Landlords and Landladies are humane- responsible and polite.
    The weather is sometimes unbearably hot, especially from October to February, but you will always compensate with cool breeze from the ocean.
    If it were not for work, I’d choose Mombasa anytime over any other city in East Africa, and wake up to the whistling coconut trees along the beaches till the day the Lord would feel that He needs me up there 🙂
    Be warned, Mombasa is very addictive, and may make you forget your folks if they live in other regions. That’s why they say, “Mombasa kuingia ni rahisi, kutoka ni matanga!”. Ensure you have a commitment to visit your folks at least once a year to avoid curses!

  8. Other than my village its only in mombasa where you enquire for directions from anyone on the streets and you are not misled. God bless mombasa.

  9. Mombasa is beautiful city, weather is good and people are so friendly, I lived there about a year and I really missed it. Hopefully I will go back one day and live there ever after:)

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